Friday, May 19, 2006


I don't drive. I can drive. I have license to drive. I don't because I don't have a car. I had a car. In fact, in the 30 years that I've had a driver's license I've had 20 cars. When I was coupled, we usually maintained two cars. One year we had three. We only had two rented spaces. The ex had a very had habit of buying things we didn't need and no one else wanted. The three cars provided for some entertaining evenings as we played hide the big blue Buick from parking enforcement. We finally had to rent a third space.

Like I said, I don't drive. Yet, I must get to work. I take public transportation. Normally, it's the train. The G line which travels on an elevated track, has been a fixture in my life, my entire life. I've ridden this line, off and on, over the past, at least 40 years. Yes, I took the train to and from school for the better part of several school years. The first time was when I was in third grade.

Over the years I have had any number of 'events' on the train. My first bout of morning sickness was on the train. My first case of frostbite occurred while I was waiting for the train. I was minutes from boarding a train that eventually derailed and two cars fell off the track onto the street below.

Riding the train these days are a numbing experiences for me. Not much bothers me anymore. Not the guy who hit me with his equipment (construction, he was carrying in a big sack), the lady who cracks her gum in my ear, the *music* emitting from earbuds, the people who decide that their bags, briefcases and assorted detritus deserve a seat or the people who read the LARGEST NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD all spread out, like they are the only people on earth, let alone, the only people on the train. Not even the delays or indecipherable announcements on the PA systems. Nope, none of this bothers me anymore.

The train I can take. It's the bus that drives me insane.

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  1. I'd love it if we had trains here. Although I do like driving too.

    I just want it all.


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