Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Home Alone

This evening, I had home to myself. This phenomenon is happening more and more these days as YM and YL move forward with their lives. That which will inevitably move them out of our home and towards homes of their own.

I’m home alone and I’m at a lost for what to do. There’s tons, of course. I’ve got laundry, caulking or cooking. I could also be sleeping, that is if I could sleep. I can’t but I we’ll not talk about that now.

What I did was, purge. You know, throwing out owners’ manuals for products you no longer have, catalogs from places you don’t intend to buy from, dusty magazines that offered bad advice and worse recipes and lists. The old lists you had stuck inside of a book you didn’t remember you had there.

I found an old list, how old? I won’t say, I’m embarrassed. But it is OLD. The list is titled "Personal Agenda/Goals/Aspirations/Hit list." It was full of short term and long term projects, as well as, affirmations, motivations and admonitions.

Pleased to report that some of the items from the list have been cleared. I didn’t have to take the car for the emissions test, because it was stolen. I did get the vacuum cleaner, curtains for the dining room and got at least one painting project done.

As I look at some of the rest of the list, the circled items, I realized are more like works in progress. As there is no deadline, the list lives in perpetuity.
The last item: Continue to improve.


  1. I never met a list I didn't like. The joy for me is crossing items off as they are completed. That and the ease turning the list face down when reading it becomes too overwhelming!


  2. You did well- discarding all that stuff! Good for you!

  3. I have one list. It's very short. It has one item.

    1. do shit

    Anything more than that would give me a big headache.

    Getting rid of 'stuff' is part of my 'do shit' list. It's a neverending process because 'stuff' never seems to go away. You get rid of some of and and then you find all the 'stuff babies' the previous 'stuff' left behind.

  4. eb, I kinda think a list would be good for someone like you. Perhaps you should add at least one more item to your list:

    2. finish shit



  5. I'm the Queen of Lists. And also of purging. Oddly, though, whenever I go on a binge of throwing crap out, the lists? They stay put.

  6. That Suzanne, she's a hoot.

    Hey, I'll have you know, I do finish shit. Really.


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