Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Blame Peaches and Herb

I've not always been the most physical of creatures. Biking was and is fun, but I'd really used the activity as an escape hatch, not for physical pleasure. I have over the years tried basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming (under duress,) tennis and rolling skating.

Most of the activities, taken up during high school years, provided 1. Escape from home 2. Appearance of *normalcy* and 3. Kept my emotions from overtaking my body. I also tended to be a bit klutzy. The challenge to be less so was also a impetus to participate. I have deep respect for athletic prowess.

Since joining the gym I've come to understand that you either need an affinity for physical activity of that variety or a steel trap resolve to keep on going and going and going. My early progress was encouraging, my enthusiasm high and thus, not hard to plug away one hour stints five afternoons a week.

The resolve has started to wane. I need to shake up the routine. Let's face it, treadmills, climbers, stationary bikes and such are great, but after awhile, can get, well, routine, if not downright boring. I can't take any of the classes, so it's clear, my variety will have to come outside of the gym.

I'm not a runner, knees too wonky for that. I need a bigger bang than walking, even fast-walking will provide. Biking is aerobically beneficial, but to get a really good work-out, I have to be on it much longer on the week-end than I usually have time for. My solution then, is roller skating. That's right! I'm going to re-visit the seventies and strap on some roller skates, quads not blades. Blades take a level of balance that I never ( I tried) had and don't see myself developing at 45 almost 46 years old. Quads, I think I can do, again. I'm much less klutzy than I used to be, but even then, I got to be a pretty good skater. I read somewhere that the aerobic benefits were as good, even better than running, with much less impact.

Sometime over the next few days I'm going to start skating, rolling toward renewed vigor, a more active, efficient metabolism and continued better health and happiness, to augment the gym routine.

Don't worry, I'll be taking a spotter the first few times, until I get my *wheels* back.


  1. hmm, so is skating a good way to pick up chics then?

  2. Go for it!!!
    Wear wrist gaurds & knee pads, maybe.

  3. Definitely knee pads!
    And elbow guards!
    And a crash helmet!
    Watch out for hills!
    And trees!
    And moving vehicles!

    Or will you be skating in a rink? Man, I used to love going to the skating rink as as kid. Good times.

  4. Good way to pick up chics-geez I hadn't thought of that, I'm thinking just not busting my baubles. As I recall though, it worked for guys. hmmm.

    Not a rink, no such luck. There is a park nearby that was recently rebuilt. So the sidewalks and surrounding streets are baby bottom smooth. I will be going out, at least in the beginning, when there is little to no traffic, motor or pedestrian. All protective measures and gear will be deployed.

    I tell ya all about it after the first few runs.


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