Monday, June 05, 2006

I Love It When I'm Cruising

This time of year is a favorite because the weather is usually agreeable enough to allow for more bike riding. I simply adore riding my bike.

When I was in my teens, before I had a car, my bike was my alternate transpo. When I wasn't walking or taking public transportation, I was on my bike. Usually for transportation, sometimes for exercise, but sometimes, oh sometimes, it was just wheeeee! Freedom.

On Sunday I rode 12 miles to the PTG. I'm supposed to be logged in by 9:00 a.m. so I leave home at 7:30. The goal is to arrive by 8:30, leaving plenty of time to freshen up and get prepared to work.

I grab my backpack, water and tunes; usually Madonna or Stevie Wonder, as my cassette collection is now very limited (yeah cassettes-not part of the MP3 nation) and safety equipment. Off I go.

Mile 2 is when I get my rhythm. Cruising along pretty smoothly until around mile 7. I'm stopped at a light, take a drink or two, sit through the light a cycle or two, garner my second wind and then I'm off. Around mile 9 I start to think about the bridges. The distraction of the music is not enough for me to forget about the bridges. I really detest going over bridges-especially on a bike. The two bridges in question combine two of my biggest fears; heights and large bodies of water. Falling from a great height into into said body of water--Oh. My. Goodness!

The bridges come up at mile 11. I am sufficiently prepared to take them, ruthlessly, fearlessly-I do however, get out of the street-what? Me ride over the open grating? I. Don't Think. So.

Whew, that done, I survived both bridges and cruise into the final leg. I lock by Bella Vista Cruiser at the bike rack, go in, freshen up and log into the phone/computer system at 8:50 a.m.

For the next 4 hours I ask and answer questions, record and assess responses and make notes. At the end of my shift, I log out, go and get back on Bella Vista. Ride 2 miles to the nearest train station. Bella & I get on the train and go home.

Still freedom, but a woman can take only so much wheeeee!


  1. There's nothing like a nice bike ride, rain or shine. Sounds like a great morning.

    I used to ride my bike to work, but it was only eight or so miles. And there was no train to catch on the return trip.

    I share your fears of large bodies of water and bridges.


  2. Suzanne, yes it was a great morning. Riding clears my head like nothing else does.

    I ride home from work, on occasion. Much depends on what the rest of the day looks like and what kind of energy will be required to deal with it.

  3. Doris & I recently got new bicycles with high banana handlebars & big fat seats, gears & mountain tires. Built for comfort for old fogies!! hehe.


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