Thursday, September 07, 2006

Broken Morn

This is my entry to the challenge.

Settled at her usual table in an unusual pose, Victoria pondered her options. She was thinking that Paula needs to call, soon. Paula is very adept in her people scouting skills, she was sure, but when will the phone tweet? Breaking Victoria’s reverie, Sasha suddenly appeared, screeching, "Hey Vic! How are you? Wow, it’s great to see you!? Emitting an barely audible moan, Victoria said, "hey."
Sasha, bubbled on, "I just left Amanda’s, she had an early meeting, otherwise we’d be having breakfast together." Through the onslaught, Victoria was able to eek out, "please sit." The server magically materialized with coffee for both.

At the mention of Amanda, Victoria began to reconsider her plan. Maybe Amanda can help find Marco, Paula’s taking too long. Victoria wondered how she might be able to ditch Sasha, who, Victoria noted, was still rambling on about the dinner she and Amanda had, the night they had..."hey, you waiting on a call from the governor or something?" Sasha asked, when she realized Victoria was boring her eyes into the cell phone sitting on the table between them.

Victoria explained how she was waiting on a call from Paula, the urgent need to speak to Paula, right now. Paula? Sasha wondered why Victoria was pining for a call from Paula, of all people. "So, you and Paula are a... thing now?" Victoria stopped staring at the phone long enough to give Sasha the just-bit-a-sour-ball gaze."No, Paula and I are not a Thing!" "I’m looking for Marco, and Paula is helping me. She’s going to call me when she finds him."

Marco? That’s even stranger than waiting for Paula to call. "Marco’s at the square." Sasha offered casually. Not quite believing what she heard, she asked, "what did you say?" "Marco, you said your were looking for Marco, right? He’s at the brick square." Victoria heard it clearly, she still couldn’t believe her good fortune, but she wasn’t going to question it again. She got up with so much force, her chair fell over.

After gathering her things, Victoria took off. Jogging and then sprinting towards the square. More curious than furious, Sasha took off, right behind her. The better athlete, it didn’t take Sasha long to catch Victoria. She reached out and grabbed Victoria, forcing her to come to a screeching halt. "I thought you were into girls, what the heck is so important about Marco?" Sasha continued, "you know, Amanda’s going to be pretty pissed when she discovers you dumped her for Marco."

Exasperated and anxious, Victoria screamed, "I didn’t dump anybody for Marco! I just need Marco. Will you please help me find him?"

"Just tell me why?" Sasha implored.

"Look, I need Marco because Marco is Pogo’s handler and Pogo has something of mine."


"Oh for Pete’s Sake, the damn monkey has my earrings and I want them back, NOW!

Staring, mouth agape, Sasha couldn’t help wondering how nutty Victoria had become and how Amanda would just love this story.


  1. Well! I was wondering when the damn monkey would enter the story!!

    Heheheheh....very imaginative.

  2. That's cute. And here I was waiting for the monkey to call her. Good ending!

  3. thought for a minute you forgot that there was a monkey in the pic. then i thought maybe you were going to turn it around and the main characters were going to be monkies ... but finally there was a monkey. :) cute. thanks for sharing!

  4. Perfect! Got 'em off the nightstand no doubt? And hey, my guy had a "reverie", too. Must be goin' around.

  5. Ha! I wondered when the monkey would come in.

    One thing: So many names thrown at me were confusing. Since it's only 500 words, you don't have time to establish characters. Perhaps limiting this to a conversation between two female friends would tighten it up and flesh out the people a little.

    Love the ending, and you were the only one to pick up on the monkey wearing an earring!

    THANK YOU for participating!

  6. Thanks for all the feedback and tips. I had great fun writing and reading the other submissions.

  7. Marco!


    Sorry, couldn't resist.


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