Thursday, October 19, 2006

Name Game

According to How Many of Me, based on a total United States of America population of 299,968,595, there are 740,922 people in the U.S. with the first name Deborah. 100% of the people with the first name of Deborah are female and statistically, Deborah is the 60th most popular name in the United States.

There are 9,869 people in the U.S. with my last name. My last name is statistically the 3728th most popular last name-tied with 18 other last names.

There are a whopping 24 people in the United States who share both my first and last name.

Thanks Betty for the link.


  1. Alas, while many people share my first name, my last name is so statistically insignificant that it is not eve included in their list of names.

    It's ok, I actually know personally everyone in the country that shares my last name, so I know how many there are.

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    What Fun!

    I always knew my name was common. When I was in the Marine Corps, there were three poeple with my name in the Regimnet.

    There are 3, 686,614 people in America with my first name, and 2,429,746 people with my last name.

    There are 29,862 Americans with the same first and last name.

    Oddly, only 99.72 pecent of the people named William in this country are male... so there is at least one female William living in America today.

  3. You are quite welcome! It's funny your first name is much more popular than mine but because my last name is more popular I have more people with the same full name!

    Funny how that stuff works!

  4. That was fun. So James is the #1 first name and Smith is the #1 last name. I would have thought John to be #1 but alas, John is a wannabe.

    Elizabeth is #19. I tried putting in all kinds of women's names to see is one came up before Elizabeth but so far I haven't found one.

  5. There are only 3 of me. The extra "e" in my last name that always confuses people is to blame (or credit?) for that, I'm sure.

  6. Only 3? What is your last name? Squeege(e)?

  7. Hey, it said that there isn't anyone in this country with my first and last name! How come the IRS knows about me?


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