Thursday, April 19, 2007


Some days ago, I quit my job, she hers. I sold the condo, she sold her home as well. With the proceeds we bought and RV, set out on the open road, enjoying the scenery and the company. We decided to settle on the California coast because she is, as you know, partial to water and we both wanted warm weather. We’ve decided to rent a store front and open a surf and skate board shop. (Did you know she surfed at one time? ooh whee!) D came along because she was again, between jobs and hey! Free trip to California! She’s trying to convince us to get her a video camera so she can make a tape to send in to Road Rules or one of the other reality type shows so she can be a STAR, out shining her brother. The cats (BoBo and LuLu) and the pup (Scamp) that we picked up from a shelter in Oklahoma are getting along famously.

Noooooooooooooooo… none of that is true, you’ll have to forgive me I’ve been suffering mad crazy hay fever type symptoms, itchy and then watery eyes and aaaaaahhhhhhhcccchhhhoooo!
Excuse me, periodic attacks of the sneezes. I’ve been sluggish, tired. My sweety hasn’t been feeling well lately either. Our respective ailments and other issues have cut into our phone snuggle time, which is making me above all else, cranky and perhaps somewhat delirious.

But the news…the real news, is about my actor fellow. M had two auditions last week. The first for a role with Steppenwolf, which, to many, is the Big Kahuna of Chicago theatre. He hasn’t heard yet, but got an email to say he was still in the running. Hopefully, a decision will be made by early next week. The second audition was for a film company. A movie staring Dennis Quaid is going to start production soon. M auditioned for these folks before (for a different role). He was not right for that role (he told me at the time that he thought he was too young and too slight of build). But, they’ve come back. In fact they spent a week trying to find him, his contact information. When he auditioned previously he was with an agency. M is currently representing himself, looking for an agent who is more in concert with his goals.

I asked him how each went, he replied ‘plonk—knocked them out the park!’ He felt encouraged and excited. Even if he isn’t cast this time around, he’s confident that he’s made enough of an impression that will lead to future opportunities.

He is currently in rehearsals for a play that opens late May. He plays a Rastafarian and must…gasp…sing. He hasn't had to sing in a show really, since his freshman year in college. He’s pretty over the moon about the role and the chance to work with one of his former professors, who is directing the production.

And…on Monday he looked at an apartment. Serendipity had him run into an acquaintance he hadn’t seen in several months. He mentioned looking for a place in the city, the guy said, "hey, I’m moving to New York at the beginning of May, you should look at my place.” And so he did. If the building manager approves, my young actor fellow will be in his own apartment by this time next month. Gasp!

All this good, positive news and energy flow is tempered by my wonky health, my daughter’s continuing boyfriend and workplace issues, worry over my girlfriend and missing the sound of her usually bubbly voice.

However, in two short weeks, I’ll be on a plane heading towards her. I’ll be able to wrap my arms around her, kiss her gently upon her soft, supple lips and hold her hand as we head for the car. An order of fried pickles, an ice cold beer and serious snuggling and more lie ahead.

I’ll keep you in the loop, re: the actor fellow. If you can’t tell, my buttons, they are a’bustin’.


  1. I hope you feel better very soon and I think the news about the son is Great!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Im ready to go!! Yes a surf shop, we could surf all day, hang out on the beach with a bottle of wine, and feel the sands between the toes....oh how i miss it!
    I can't wait to see you too baby...I know I will feel ready to go when you get here..and congrats on Mike!

  3. At first I thought you had lost your mind, but I understand how allergies can create such an appearance. I am suffering just as much out here.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. That would have been a good one for April Fool's Day...'caus I'm a fool and you sure had me going! Tell M to break a leg...

  5. Ok, the first part of this post made my heart jumo from my freaking body chick ... you pulled me in big time you naughty lickle imp ;-)

    Congrats to M ... told you the name in lights thing was on its way ... what can we expect, after all he's your son :-)

    Hope you and your love feel better soon hun ... Im sure you will once your in eachothers arms again :-)
    Kisses and hugs to you xXxXxXxXxXx

  6. I almost fell out of my chair.

  7. you got me with the first part, I thought wow this lady sure is spontanious, then we get to really important issue about pickles and :-)

    serious I can see your happy smile all the way over hee...keep smiling

    ciao4now xx

  8. That was just plain MEAN!!!! But I loved it!

  9. congrats to your fellow...scowls and finger pointing for the tease. Now, what is this about fried pickles?

  10. I felt that sneeze, yuck. It all sounds good!

  11. wait.....

    fried pickles?

  12. Neta must have taken you to Toots, don't let her fool you Deborah, it isn't just the the pickles. haha..Ok, I'm kidding of course. To all of you that are in question about friend pickles, they started as a snack that Elvis Presley used to have. They became famous in Memphis and the south due to the "Elvis" thing. Toots is a quaint little place here that serves the best wings and beer in the world, and those pickles are GREAT too. Glad you enjoyed them, now have her take you to Jack's BQ downtown, talk about good! Kate


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