Friday, April 27, 2007

Today is the Day

A few weeks ago, I posted two notices in our building. One, seeking donations of yard and garden supplies and goods. Anything, soil, mulch, flowers, plants, seeds, anything, really. I made that point abundantly clear. To date, of course, no donations have been received. I haven’t given up the expectation that any will ultimately come, but I must move ahead in either case.

The second notice had to do with the Spring Cleaning of our storage area. We have a room, accessed from the outside, off the court-yard, in the rear. The room has cages, 10 to the 9 units in the building. Each of the cages is filled with presumably goods belonging to current owners. Not all of the cages are labeled, not all of the cages have locks. I’ve believed for some time now that many of the cages are filled with goods belonging to past owners. Having talked with a few of the current owners, one or two, who didn’t even know the room existed, solidifies the opinion that the room must be filled with a plethora of goods representing past lives and ownership. A purge is in order.

Additionally, there is un-tended property in the walk way of this very small room, a lawn mower, for the non-existent lawn, for instance. There are also lamps, baby toys, parts of exercise equipment and tools, in short, debris. The notice asked owners who have commandeered a cage to so label this cage. Today is the day, any un-labeled cage will be marked for emptying, the contents given or thrown away. Today is the day, any property remaining in the walk way will be removed, to be given or thrown away.

Today is the day. I’ll give one more warning before any locks are cut. That time will be used to go on a tool hunt. The thought of wielding the tool to snap those locks is giving me quite the thrill. The idea of going on a tool hunt, is giving me a feeling, thrilling doesn't come close to describing.


  1. Spring cleaning at its finest. I'm sure you'll get some grief from other tenants (presumably those who end up losing stuff due to their neglect) but also a great sense of accomplishment when the debris of your life has been removed.

  2. going on a tool hunt, this made laugh...clean out that clutter, bet ya within six months it needs doing again though lol
    have a good weekend
    ciao4now xx

  3. Damn woman. That is exciting! Hope you don't find any bodies in those cages. ;)


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