Monday, May 14, 2007


My head has been full, my heart even more so with images of the past, thoughts of the future and pangs of the present. Paramount to my getting through these, in fact, most days, is access to my music. Depending on the mood I can and do, repeat a single song or a single set of songs, over and over. This pattern, habit following me right out of childhood. I recall my mom wearing out the grooves of many 45's. Warped records littered our trash.

The music filling the days is often chosen based on an existing mood. Sometimes I let the fates decide, select random thus rocking and rolling to whatever spins. For the most part, lately, I’ve been happy, giddy even. There have been some down hours on some downer days, over all happiness has ruled the day. The music in the heaviest rotation has reflected this mood. The falling in love has been a sonorously seismic slide down a corridor line with anticipation, promise and life. A life different from that led previously.

The corridor is also lined with heat, of course.

I was tagged to name songs, seven of them that I am into right now and why. As you may have guessed the songs, of late, have to do with love in all forms, but specifically of the romantic sort and of course, heat. I’ll preface the list by stating that at any given moment, of any given day, I could be into dozens of song, conversely there could be only one, repeating, looping throughout any given day.

These first two, really are not part of any of my personal play lists. They appear because the first I hear often, through no choice of my own and the second because it was recently introduced to me and I can’t seem to dismiss. Shout! You know you make we wanna (Shout!) Throw my head back and (Shout!) My son plays this...loudly whenever he is about to go out dancing. It is a foot stomping, rump thumping good time song. No matter what I find it impossible not to join in the foot stomping, rump thumping party, if only for a few moments.

I heard Barbie Girl by Aqua for the first time while on a long drive across the Tennessee country-side with Neta. She’d mentioned it during one of our many phone conversations, I returned how I’d not heard it–she found this statement a bit hard to believe. I haven’t been quite the same since hearing, I’m a Barbie Girl, in the Barbie world, Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation. Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Aside from cracking me waaaaaaaaaay up, it reminds me of Neta, our ride, time, happy together. Might this become "our song"?

You’ve got a smile so bright... never fails to bring a smile to my face. I’m reminded of a long, long time ago of happy days and lazy nights. Parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all grooving to the same beat. Thinking of the love I felt once for the kid’s dad, the love I feel for M and D, the love I’m feeling for the woman who epitomizes the lyrics; you’ve made my life so rich, you know you could’ve been some money. And Baby you’re so sweet, you know you could’ve been some honey. Well, you could’ve been anything that you wanted to. And I could tell, the way you do the things you do. This grand old tune speaks to me on so many levels it remains at the top of my charts.

Roberta Flack sings of being in a restaurant holdin’ hands by candlelight. And about touching and wanting them with all her might and how that is the time she feels like making love to them. How that is the time she feels like making dreams come true. Ahhh, yes. And then there is..oh Baby what you’ve done to me. You make me feel so good inside. And I just want to be close to you. You make me feel so alive. Cause you make me feel, you make me feel like...A Natural Woman. Aretha, Roberta and a few others often provide the juice for some inspired emails.

Speaking of inspirational juice, Body Heat kicks it up a notch. The sparks and resulting thoughts, feelings are better left to voice to voice transmission. Some call it soul fire, I call it love’s desire...When we meet, ain’t it sweet. And when we greet, feel that Body Heat. Ahh...oh, yes!

A sucker for a sappy love song, Finally Found Someone, one of the sap sappiest, a guilty pleasure, sucks me in every single time. I get down right weepy when I hear the beginning strains of the syrupy orchestration. Years ago the tears signaled being totally devoid of hope of ever experiencing the in love charge. The weepiness now signal just that...This time it’s different, it’s all because of you. It’s better than it’s ever been, ‘cause we can talk it through....ooohhh, my favorite line was "Can I call you sometime?" It’s all you had to say to take my breath away.... in love charge.

When Neta and I met and first began to talk via emails I didn’t know, though soon there were hopes it would grow. When the emails turned to computer chatting, I didn’t know, though soon there were hopes it would grow. When she suggested talking voice to voice, person to person, the thought, the hope, literally took my breath away and now that it has and continues to grow, it makes me want to Shout! Throw my hands up and Shout!


  1. Excellent choices D.--excellent; and well written.

  2. We share a number of favorites!

    There is nothing like music to rev up the mood!

  3. I've been tripping down memory lane to EMC (Big Audio Dynamite). It's from the soundtrack of my early graduate school years.

  4. i too tend to let my mood guide my playlist.

    it is lovely to read the list of someone in love. You really didn't even need to preface it, it's all love.

    music is just the best.


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