Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nothing, I Got Nothing

The Wordsmiths group is back in business and I had every intention of trying my hand at the challenge for June. My story began: Hester, now hopelessly lost, has begun to question the wisdom of getting directions from the family of sea crabs she stumbled upon several miles back. She figured she didn’t have much to lose as she was already lost, just not hopelessly so. Now, of course, she no longer hopes to find her way. She’s been floating and scooting forever and a day.

The thought sprung that she might get back in the water. The traveling would go much smoother and faster in the water. She could get …nowhere, faster. No, better to stay on the sand, thinking is easier on the sand. Thinking is what Hester needs. And food, Hester needs food.

And then…blank. Poof. Every thought vanished in the wind. I haven’t been able to think, really. What with the concern mixed with glee for my newly independent son, worry over the break-in and my daughter’s reaction and recovery, frustrations following the break-in with the police, insurance agents and adjusters, and installers of locks and alarms, sorrow over the loss of a computer, joyfulness over the subsequent computer replacement, impatience with modems, noisy lines and slow arriving filters, what with all that, I haven’t been able to think, clearly.

It is quite possible though that the inability to, uhm..think may have nothing at all to do with any of those things and everything to do with visions of the South and the days and nights I will be spending there with the lovely Neta. Soon baby, soon. Boarding the plane in 10 days, whoopeee!!!!

Then again, it may not be that either. It may just be anything and every little thing these days is twisting my very short hair into itty bitty knots. Luckily, my head has left the building so I don’t have to think about what my hair looks like.


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Something of a whirlwind there.

    Here's hoping things calm down.

    Everything's much calmer in the Southland... sounds like you'll get the break you deserve :)

  2. Hmm, maybe what Hester needs is not directions, but some lovin'...

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    The words will come, as will...um...er...nevermind. *grin*

    Have a great 4th, Deborah. We're off to go camping.



  4. Yeah, June's assignment stumped me too...

  5. You could always end the story with a big, black boot coming crashing down and snuffing the very life out of little Hester. Then, you could start a new story with, maybe Olivia the Octopus.... who had a nice snack before coming by to tell her tale.

  6. "Luckily, my head has left the building so I don’t have to think about what my hair looks like."

    Brilliant. That sentence is brilliant!

  7. Oooh! I love the start of the story, bigtime. I also love S@S's "ending" and rebeginning. A comic story would balance out the tales of woe that typically populate the WSU pages. :>

    Maybe next month, eh? There's always next month.

    Have a terrific trip.


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