Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Say You, Say Meme

Some days eons ago, Lori tagged me to play the *8 Things We Don’t Know About You* meme game. With this game, as with others, there are rules, something about listing the rules, tagging others and telling them they’ve been tagged.
The 8 I’ll do. There must be things you don’t know about me, there are things I don’t know about me as I am still evolving. I’ll pass on the tagging. If anyone would like to play, by all means play on.

1. I am a reformed thumbsucker. My own thumbs. I sucked my thumbs from the ages of zero through 6 or 7 I made a daily meal of mostly my left thumb. Twas comforting, the sucking of the thumb especially combined with...

2. The twisty twirling of my hair. I wound my hair around my finger, usually the right index finger. I would twirl, twist, around and around until I had curlicues all over my head. My mom, not the greatest little girl hair stylist, never said a word about the twirling my hair. She didn’t like me sucking my thumb and employed many tricks and tactics to get me to stop. I did stop, in public, when I started school at four. I did continue both the thumbsucking and hair twisting in private, as private as a room shared with two brothers can be.

3. I began life as a left-hander. It didn’t come into play until it was time to learn to write. I was already by then, wielding eating utensils and the like with my left hand. When I got hold of a ball and someone commanded me to throw it, I did so with my left hand. My earliest teachers worked on me, some gently, most not, trying to convince me that life would be easier if I used my right hand. I did so, in school. Everywhere else, I was left-handed. Still today, I do most everything left-handed. I use my right when I want to write fast and in cursive. I continue to practice writing with my left. I can print very well, cursive so-so. Recently I have come to truly appreciate having near equal dexterity and strength in both the left and right hands.

4. My first name has seven letters, the middle name six and my last name five. The middle name repeats a letter and this letter appears in each name. I played with variations of the letter count and positioning when trying to decide how to sign my artwork, when I was routinely producing artwork. I wound up settling on a version that utilized letters from my middle and last name, dese ge.

5. When I was pregnant with my daughter I ate fried mushrooms from a little hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop near my job, every single day. They were made to order and thus served piping hot! They were not at all mushy from the heat lamps. I really do detest mushy mushrooms. This place served up a spicy little jalapeno dip that was just fabulous. I eat mushrooms still, though not often fried and certainly not every day.

6. There were no particular food passions while pregnant the first time. The passion was simply for food, most any food would serve. I did however, gain more weight the second time.

7. I attended seven different elementary schools; Ryerson (headstart), Morse (kindergarten, part of 1st), Biedler (the rest of 1st & 2nd), Ryder (3rd & part of 4th), Dvorak (the rest of 4th & 5th), Suder (6th and part of 8th), Skinner (rest of 8th). I remember only liking Ryerson and Skinner. Ryerson because my older brother wasn’t there and my teacher, Mrs. Stomper was really sweet. Skinner because neither brother went there and the school, with a very diverse student body which included developmentally and physically challenged kids, offered workshops in ASL.

8. I am as annoyed as this guy that my library misspelled my name on my card. I am THIS annoyed that it has taken me over a year to notice. And I am THIS annoyed that I probably won’t change it until closer to the 2008 expiration date.

Bonus: I get to see my lover girl in two days. The waiting is painful but the reward will be sweeeet!!


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I didn't suck my thumb but I DID have a passi until I was 6.

    When I was pregnant the first time it was all about oranges. I ate dozens and dozens and dozens...

    Good list.

  2. Holy crap. Seven different elementary schools?

    Do tell, sweet Deborah, how much weight did you gain during your pregnancies? Wanna compare? I'll bet I win, even with both of yours to my one. Yikes.

    Enjoy your travels. Be safe.

  3. I did the pacifier, wouldn't let that thing out of my mouth. Enjoy your "lover girl"!...

  4. I didn't suck my thumb for long, nor would my mother let me have a pacifier. Today, I love to put many things in my mouth, especially feminine things.....

    Love the shrub sculpture. I might do that for my neighbor.

  5. Well worth the wait, D. My sister sucked her fingers (two at a time only) and dad put electrical tape on them at night hoping the taste would make her stop...of course it didn't work.

    I hear you on the mushrooms.

  6. You had me at ambidexterity.

  7. Good one!
    Very sad about changing all the schools, esp in the middle of a school year.
    That must have been terrible.
    I had mega buck teeth from thumb sucking. Took 3 yrs of braces to straighten them out.

  8. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Hey you....

    Never sucked my thumb that I can recall. But that hair deal? You betcha! My hair was down to my waist by age 7. It made for fun twisty play.

    Pregnancy. Oy. Rainbow sherbert with the first. All. The. Time. Cheese fries with the second. Daily. Funny. I lost 30 and 35 lbs. respectively. And they were huge. Go figure.

    Hope your trip was awesome.



  9. So interesting about being left handed. It makes me mad to think that teachers used to force students to be right handed, as if left handed people had something wrong with them. My dad is a lefty and somehow managed to avoid the torture of being forced to write with his right hand. Could have been because he played hooky a lot...


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