Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Momma B Proud

“Teamwork is dream work” my girl D chants to her team of animal care techs. A softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer player throughout her school years D is well acquainted with the concept of team and what it takes to make a team successful.

After 5 weeks in her new job with the local animal shelter, D earned a promotion to shift supervisor. From day one she let her experience guide her and she made her thoughts known. She pointed out flaws in some systems and worked out reasonable and executable solutions.

In spite of her skittishness towards cats, she embraced the challenge of “cat intake” and though still not totally at ease, is much less afraid. Today she can be amused by a cat soiling the freshly cleaned cage and then proceeded to sit in the mess….”oh mom, she shat and sat!”

It goes without saying that she wants to bring home at least half of the mid-sized dogs that appear at the shelter. And while she won’t be eligible to adopt for several weeks, I would not be surprised to find a mid-sized canine at my front door, welcoming me home, sooner rather than later.

That’s my girl.


  1. Congrats D ... so very very proud of you darling ... and getting promoted in this short amount of time ... well done you :-)

    This job is perfect ... my dream job ... in my younger years I wanted to be a vet ... even doing some training in our local veterinary surgery which I loved loved loved ... but after watching an operation being performed on a dog ... I couldnt eat for weeks so I had to take a change in career direction ;-)

    I bet your proud of your baby mama Deb :-)

    Kisses xXxXxXxXxXxXx

  2. That's so cool! Volunteering for Collie Rescue now, I have to restrain--'cause I have two--and it's those nearly fresh memories of coming home to what was left of my Bluetooth hanging out of her mouth that guides my emotions on the topic of bringing them all home.

  3. That is awesome!! What a great job and how could you not be busting at the seems with pride, good job mama d!

    I would be the one bringing them all home we have 2 dogs now and I am constantly looking at pet finder, my husband is the one who slows me down saying we have enough, But I bet I can get another out of him!!

  4. This is just great!! Love the photo as well.

  5. Great job! She sounds like an excellent employee. Can you clone her and send me a few?

    Beautiful picture, Deb, your daughter is lovely.




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