Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Is What It Is

Once again Lauren spotted Lori standing in front of that painting. Lauren slid up behind Lori, wrapping her arms around Lori’s waist, planting her chin on Lori’s shoulders and trying to break through the reverie she imagined must be going on in Lori’s head. How could she stand and stare at this painting for hours?

Over and over again, Lauren fights to understand what Lori sees in the painting. The mystery has made her wary and sometimes weary.
Lauren shook off the doubts, leaned in closer and whispered into Lori’s ear, “darling.”

Not a muscle did Lori move. She barely took a breath. Lori stood stock still, cemented to the spot by some magical glue. Lauren kept hold of Lori’s waist as though to further anchor her to the spot. It seemed the thing to do, the only option available. Lauren looked at the painting summoning whatever data she’d gleaned from the Art History class taken so long ago. What is in this frame that is holding sweet, dear Lori hostage?

Lauren didn’t see it, couldn’t feel it. All she felt was confusion and overwhelming love for Lori. “Darling, what is it that you see. What are you feeling?”

A crowd began to form in the tiny gallery. Lauren, feeling self-conscious, began to fidget. “Baby, I think we should be moving on” she whispers to Lori. Lori became rigid, a statue staring at a painting. If it weren’t so nerve twisting Lauren would find it all somewhat comical. Lauren didn’t think she’d be able to stand here much longer, yet she clung even tighter to Lori’s waist trying to move her by sheer force of will. Still, Lori stood, staring.

Minutes felt like hours. Lauren began to feel swarmed by the crowd. It felt like she and Lori were on exhibit. It felt like the floor was shifting, the walls closing in, the air thinning. Lauren began to feel ill. One last plea went ignored like the others. Lauren was beside herself. She didn’t know what else to do. Lori was just transfixed and oblivious to everyone and everything but the painting. That stupid looking head with the freakishly weird expression and that nonsensical landscape has kidnapped her girlfriend. It was clear, Lori needed to be rescued.

How? What to do?

Lauren needed to regain her composure if she was going to rescue Lori. She was going to need all her wits to get them out of this pickle. She was going to……”Lori?” Lauren felt Lori move and then move again. The movements became quite herky jerky. Seconds before the sound emitted from Lori’s throat, Lauren knew she was laughing. Lori’s laughter had the swarming crowd receding, the floor settling and the walls returning to their posts. Lori’s laughter soothed the room.

Lori turned to face the love of her life, her eyes sparkling and her smile bright and asked between giggles, “have you seen that foot coming out of the head of that soldier? Isn’t that hilarious?”

November Wordsmiths exercise.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Please Don't Talk

… me when it’s dark, raining and Diamond is pooping. You see, I’m tracking the poop as I must scoop the poop expelled from the pooch. When the pooch finishes her poop she skitters. She sometimes skitters left and sometimes she skitters right so I must keep my eyes and mind on where she laid the poop.

It is November. There are small brownish leaves all over. In the rain and the dark clumps of small brownish leaves look a lot like the brownish poop of one small Diamond pooch.

So please, hush. I must focus.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not Yet Scrambling

Help! The first full weekend marking the beginning of The Holiday shopping season is gone and not one shopping trip was made, not one gift procured. Not. A. One. Time is a-wasting, the clock is a-ticking and yours truly has got to get moving. Truly. But hope is not lost. Not by a long shot, no. Some thoughtful purveyors of some fine merchandise have flooded my mailbox with catalogs, flyers and brochures trying to garner my attention, attract my interest. Some of the items are indeed worthy of a look-see. I have a couple of candidates in mind for two such products.
I think GS would recognize some of his lunches in the selection the lunch lady has in her kitchen. Yum.

Surely, drunk dialer will appreciate having his heroine on top of his tee-vee.

No, not scrambling yet. There is plenty of time, tons of choices.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One More Thing

Thankful that this is not my cat, this week anyway.
Happy Thanksgiving All!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Super? I Wish

According to the quiz I'm Spiderman, to wit: You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility.

So? My girlfriend is still in TN without ME--38 days.
My daughter is still thinking about giving the clueless boyfriend one more chance.
My mom is still asking 1001 questions--but not the question.
Pete the kitty is still enamored--with my leg.

38 days is still 38 days.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

For, Fore, Four plus Tees, Teas

During much of 1999, many became mired in the dire doomsday scenarios predicted for the calendar's journey to double ought. 2000 or Y2K as it came to be known, was going to wreak havoc on the world to have the ubiquitous them tell the tale. I, however, couldn't be bogged down with those possible scenarios. I had my own, real-life stories to file. The year 2000 meant that I was turning f-o-r-t-y. Big whoop.

You know the saying, "life begins at 40"? Well, my mom can often be heard uttering her own dire, "not mine!" She has said on numerous occasions how her life ended at 40 (or during her 40s). I find this statement terribly ironic as she was born in 1940. But, that's another post, for another day, or never.

Anyhoo..Me. 40. Big whoop. Even bigger than a 40 year-old me was an 18 year old son. He graduated from high school and started college that year. He voted in his first election and continued stretching those incredibly long "man" legs. Me. 40. Big whoop.

Me. 40. Big whoop. Even bigger than a 40 year-old- me was an 14 year-old going on oh my gosh could she possibly screech any louder? She came out of Jr. high that year and entered the BIG school. Not two minutes in the BIG school did the noise requests for practice driving time begin as did the screeching about following her "rock star" brother. If I said it once, I said it...oh, 40 times...following a good brother is rainbows better than following a bad brother. Whoop! Big.

I was newly single in the year 2000. I had no time to celebrate let alone ponder the significance of what--if you believe the ubiquitous them-- a most significant occurrence that is turning f-o-r-t-y. The celebration and the pondering came in between the seven subsequent birthdays. Given the givens--the periodic frustrations with adult progeny, an aging parent, achy knees, erratic marathon menses and other interesting health related concerns--all that aside, this I submit is my best decade to date.

The seven birthdays since have afforded the opportunity to see my adult progeny grow and glow. I have wallowed in a swell of respect and have been comforted by the strengths I witness within them daily. This seven subsequent birthdays have taught me more effective techniques when faced with the challenges of being my mother's only daughter. Yes, the seven birthdays that have come since 2000 also brought achy knees, erratic marathon menses and more--but those provided never-ending bitching and moaning conversation. Whoopie big.

The very best benefit to come from those seven subsequent birthdays was the emergence of me. The real, blossoming me has been un-folding petal by petal and the garden continues to grow. Sure, the seven birthdays brought cravings that I must be careful (re: health related concerns) about indulging, namely, salt, especially in the form of Spanish olives and potato chips. But the seven birthdays also brought cravings that I try to indulge every chance I get--if not in person, at least in spirit--namely, making love with women one special woman.

Those seven subsequent birthdays brought me out of my 30s and are bringing me into my 50s. The net result of those subsequent birthdays is the joy of seeing the next ones. I'm looking forward to each and every one, for i see them getting better and better.

Soon you will start seeing year-end review lists. The year that was will be condensed to to neat little lists of events great and small causing one to remember, reflect and wonder. Birthdays are like that too. One tends to remember previous celebrations, reflect on the significance of the age and wonder about what comes next. Add this date, November 15th to your lists of events, from this day forward. This date, November 15, 2007, my friend Teresa turns forty. 40. F-O-R-T-Y. Please. Take note.
Happy 40th Birthday, Teresa. Enjoy this decade, it will prove to be quite the ride. At least that's how the ubiquitous them will ultimately tell the tale.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Play

Hamlet: I'll have grounds

More relative than this—the play's the thing

Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King .Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 603–605

No butt bearing. Clothes were removed but only bare chests revealed (his, not hers). There was the illusion of being nekkid in one of the final scenes, but no, butts weren’t bared. M’s character, Lawrence tells his girlfriend a tale about warring Chinese rulers who want to negotiate peace. The meet on a mount with good intentions but little trust and goad each other into “proving” they are not hiding weapons upon their personage. Only by facing one another butt nekkid were they comfortable speaking honestly and openly about how to bring peace to their respective lands.

The play was about honesty and relationships. More acutely, honesty IN relationships, be they your business, personal (romantic) or with your god. We are shown how the house of cards constructed with the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselves can crumble under the weight of truth.

And oh yeah, my son, the actor—was good. And that’s the truth

Monday, November 12, 2007

In His Words

He titled the email: Menorahs and Turntables. It went on to say:
I invite you to Laura Jacqmin’s (Chicago Dramatists Resident Playwright) world premiere of Butt Nekkid directed by Side Project Ensemble Member Gina LoPiccolo.

The play tells a tale about a Jewish music producer, his determined daughter, and a Hip Hop artist. Their lives collide in this drama examining the truths about religion, race, and culture.

I play Lawrence, the ever aspiring Hip Hop artist looking to crossover to the rap game and get signed. The character is a lot of fun to play and I had such a blast doing the research. Nothing like waking up in the morning to the sounds of Public Enemy, Nas and The Last Poets.
I'm going to the theatre tomorrow night to see my favorite actor do his thing. As he suggests he throws himself into researching a role and it shows on stage. Moreover, local theatre community is beginning to take note of his dedication, work ethic and talent. His name has been thrown into a few hats--opportunities that he's had to turn down because of other commitments, he was recently nominated by a local Arts Alliance for a best actor award for his last role and he was recently cast in a small but pivotal role with the very prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre that will go up in February.
The blast he gets from doing research is nothing compared to the blast I get from seeing him onstage. I hope all this blasting isn't hurting your ears.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hello, the Weekend Calls, not me..but somebody, in this--80 somebodies. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rest In Peace

Neta's LuLu died early this morning. She talks about it over at her place. What I want to say here is how utterly useless I felt when I couldn't wrap my arms around her and comfort her in the way that I know she needed. I could only listen, cry with her and say all the stuff you say--when that's all you can do. Being away in general is hard. Being away during trying times is unbearable.
Lulu, Luie, Sissy or Sissy Lu was a cat with a lot of 'tude. In fact I dubbed her tail-i-tude after I met her in March. She had a way of 'flipping' you off with her tail that was just so feline. She and I hadn't a lot of time to bond as she was typically aloof. She was, however, much more visible during my July trip. She sat out and still long enough to snap this shot of her and to get to know her a bit better. I know she will be missed. Neta, baby, may peace be with you.
Fifty days.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Me a Meme, Another Meme

I’ve been tagged by a fellow blogger buddy. The game I will play but only to a point. There will be no tagging at the end-but if you feel the urge, splurge.
The game: list 10 acts of randomness and away we go:

1. I need a second job to feel like I can afford a car.
2. I’ll need a car to get a second job.
3. I may be suffering a case of decorator’s anxiety syndrome--DAS.
4. Are all cats afraid of the sound of ripping aluminum foil?—or just Pete.
5. I have an overdue library book that I renewed twice and still haven’t read.
6. I’ve read two other books in the interim.
7. When I talk about my brother, it’s the younger who is the subject.
8. The younger has gone and gotten arrested—again.
9. I don't feel good about having predicted this upon his release last year.

10. It's late. I should be asleep.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Extra! Extra!

Well, I’ll be dipped in donuts and rolled in sprinkles. Cate over at Sunday Dreams has voted me nice. Imagine that. I happen to think she’s pretty nice too. I discovered Cate by way of Nina and have enjoyed getting to know her and the kids. They are very groovy folks.

In keeping with the spirit of the tag—I’m to pass it on. It goes without saying that there are a number of people to whom this honor may be bestowed as I have met some fantastically nice folks out here in blog land in the bit over a year that I’ve been blogging. The person I’m going to honor though, I didn’t meet through blogging. However, blogging did give me the extra push I needed to create a profile and go “a dating.”

Neta started blogging only after finding my blog, checking out some previous postings, bloggers on my blogroll and deciding that blogging sounded looked and sounded like fun. Sharing blogging with her has added a new dimension to our relationship as well as providing some additional insight to and for both of us. I give you Neta who is as nicer than all the sprinkle covered donuts around


This one has provolone cheese. My version features mozzarella. A lot of mozzarella. My sandwich must also contain many sweet bell peppers in addition to the hot and be wet. Dripping, sopping, paper napkins not good enough, wet. Yeah, baby.
But, I'm being good. It will be grilled chicken or fish for dinner. Yum.