Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here, Kitty Kitty

While with my sugar I got to meet our new kitty,Lily or as we've taken to calling her, the Lovely Lillian or Lill-i-an (with the requisite musical lilt). Neta told me how much Lily resembled Pete. I was struck by just how much. With the exception of her very short legs, she could very nearly be Pete's clone. Lily may not be a true munchkin but she comes very close. To say that she is the sweetest kitty I've ever met would be the understatement of the millennium. She's a nightly kneader, Neta calls it "making biscuits" and it is just precious. Last Wednesday both Lily and Bobo got outside. Neta called me as usual Thursday morning after having been up all night and beside herself with worry. Bobo got outside and sometime during the late night, early morning hours during one of Neta's many trips to the door calling for him, Lily slipped out. Lily has since returned. We were talking late on Saturday night and Neta heard her cry. She was cold, dirty and scared but otherwise un-harmed. The Lovely Lillian has been glued to Neta's side since her return. I am anxious to see her (and her other mommy) again, to say the least.

Neta continues to look and call for Bobo. She has placed an ad and is contacting shelters. We keep hope alive for Bobo's safe return. Here, kitty kitty Mr. Bobo, Lily is missing you, Neta is missing you and I am missing your special brand of cat love in our lives.


  1. I am crossing ovaries for Bobo's safe return.

  2. Oh, no! I hope Bobo is happy and healthy, and back home soon!

    I call it "making biscuits", too.

  3. Hope Bobo gets his @ss home soon! ;)

  4. When he returns home, I hope some real grounding is in order.

    The problem with cats, especially indoor cats, is twofold.

    First, they're a bit skittish and not inclined to come running when called. Makes for a frantic search.

    Secondly, where they find food, they hunker down. When mine went missing, we had to go door-to-door and found her, believe it or not, three doors down where she'd been for the 10 days she'd been missing. The folks there had been feeding her (even though she had a collar on), thinking they were doing her and us a favor.

    When they're not hungry, they don't come home.

    Today all three of our cats have tags on their collars that say "Please don't feed me, I won't go home," along with their name and phone number.

    Even the indoor one.

  5. here kitty kitty... Hope he comes home soon,,,

  6. Is he home yet?

    Now I'm goign to go get collars and tags for both our indoor cats. Pat has scared me into some sense!

  7. He better get his ass home!! Thank you baby...nice post!

  8. Hoping Bobo is found safely soon.

  9. Any news on Mr. Bobo??

  10. I'm not a cat person. In fact, in general, I um...dislike them.

    But, now even I am getting concerned about Bobo.....

  11. Good Luck with BoBo.
    (one of mine is BooBoo!)
    Nice pussy, btw.
    (Lilly of course!)

  12. Yeah, I think the door-to-door route in the immediate area couldn't hurt, especially if he doesn't wear a collar. I think a lot of people who "find" adult cats, even approachable ones, default to the assumption that they're strays, just because there are so many out there.

    Hope he's found safe and soon.


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