Thursday, January 10, 2008

You're the Boss, Applesauce

For the past, oh I don’t know, 20 months or so, my boss, the VP/General Manager, has hemmed and hawed, moaned and groaned, rubbed new groves in his forehead from all the rubbing and sucked in enough air from sighing that if he were to harness it he would match the output of our very large warehouse fan, over the lack of focus, attention to detail & follow-through and general incompetence of between one to five of our seven employees.

Though the neglectful and in some cases, deceptive acts have continued unabated, the boss hasn't done much more than hem, haw and issue what has amounted to empty threats of salary reductions or terminations for nearly two years.

Color me flabbergasted when at annual review time he gave EVERYBODY a pay raise, again. He passed on this bit of news very late, giving me only a few days before calendar year-end and the start of my vacation to hammer out the 2008 budget.

Well, I get the budget and other year-end duties done. I go on vacation and I have a fab… well, you know. Now only four days into my return to work the boss is livid, once again, over an act or acts committed by one or more of the aforementioned ne’er-do-wells on staff.

His response to the straw breaking camel’s back infraction is to make one guy a supervisor, the guy who was the supervisor/manager only a manager and to give that one guy (the new supervisor) a higher pay raise than previously reported and to take away the raise of the other guy (supervisor/manager) as well as take away the raises of the other 3 guys in the department.

Yeah, I know. Huh? Indeed.

For me, personally and directly, it means re-creating the freakin’ 2008 budget.



  1. argh... management by stupidity. All too common.

  2. He must read Dilbert.

  3. OMG...what a silly man.

  4. Let's switch offices for a day. I think that could be fun.

  5. At least, though it was insanely spontaneous, it was more than making idle threats at the @sshole workers.
    And that's just Murphy's law -- all good workers end up doing twice as much as the jerks do.

  6. How frustrating. Do you have the kind of relationship with him that would allow you to talk to him about it?

  7. I have had two women bosses and two men. The women were far better at delegating and making sound decisions. The men were easier for me to manipulate.

    What has been your experience? I think that would be an interesting post.

  8. Maybe he's afraid that if he fires them, the next batch will be even worse.

    The devil you know, and all that.

  9. Im so sorry you had to leave Neta & come home to this ridiculous nonsense.

  10. I got lost in the re-org there. Yowza!


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