Thursday, September 04, 2008

Before the Weekend Update

Remember the break-in a year plus ago? Well there has been a development. Lead detective Unzngr came over last night to discuss the development and the possible next steps.

The development: The state lab has completed the fingerprint analysis. Finally, a suspect has been identified. This suspect has a very extensive arrest and conviction history. A ‘rap sheet’ they call it, one as long as my arm, the detective relayed.

In fact, the suspect is currently serving time, convicted a few weeks ago for retail theft. The detective notes that though the suspect was sentenced to two years, he’ll likely serve half that, even less depending on the state-wide convict population.

The file will be delivered to an assistant district attorney who will look at the evidence, statements and reports toward deciding whether to charge the suspect. The ADA might send the detective to question the suspect. However, lacking witnesses or any other physical evidence, coupled with the non-recovery of the stolen items, a charge is not likely.

I’ll have to be ok with that, mostly I am, for outside the occasional heart-wrenching thought of what might have happened had daughter awakened to find the suspect in our home….the episode has been pretty much laid to rest.

And oh, the suspect is not my younger brother. Of course, I have no way of knowing if my brother's path ever crossed that of the suspect. They both seemed to have spent a life-time criss-crossing the state, visiting one correctional facility after another.


  1. I'm impressed that they are actually following up on it. Too bad they won't keep his sorry ass in jail for longer.

  2. Yes, you can't live in fear. That means the terrorists win. But still, it's a scary thing to have happened.

  3. My first thought was that you were going to say that it was your brother. I'm relieved that it wasn't...

  4. Glad they found the culprit. The culprit in my case was not found. However, someone did pay me a lump sum of money to settle before the fingerprints came back on the advice of counsel. Heh.

  5. Hooray for progress, I suppose. Too bad that it's likely that nothing will come of it, except you knowing that the cops are still on the case.


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