Sunday, September 07, 2008

Calculations and the Cat(s) and a Dog

I’ve lived with the two cats and a dog for a few weeks now and I'd like to share a few observations:

Buttah tolerates the crunchy kibble but he goes cuckoo for co-co puffs over the moist food, i.e. cat crack. His fervent mews for moist food time are second only to those reserved for the appearance of human food. Pete likes the moist food too, but much like his response to most everything, he’s… heh, whatev.

Speaking of Mr. Personality his early morning wake-up routine has altered a bit since Buttah’s arrival. He is still the designated waker upper, but he’s a lot less insistent about it. No more leg humping, no nipping at the elbows, no chin chucking. Just few mews, some finger licks and one (or two) trips across the chest or around the head. And best of all, inside of 4 am it’s more like 5.

Buttah, we think, spent a lot of time outside before D found him. That or his previous family fed him human food often. The kitchen is clearly his favorite room and chicken (as in wings) is clearly his favorite, most coveted food stuffs. He calms down once he sees we won’t give in to his performance. It is, quite the show.

Diamond must be policed around any food, especially since her diet. She gobbles hers down and stalks theirs. If left on her own she will push them out of the way and eat their moist food. She pushes them around just on general principal, being the oldest and heaviest. They, however, can leap out of her reach. Still, she’s the big ticket around here, and she doesn’t let them forget it.

At least twice in the last few weeks the three of them got a bit rambunctious in the early morning hours, chasing one another back and forth through the unit, barreling to and fro. The sound my steps freeze them in their tracks, the ‘it wasn’t me’ look plastered to each furry face.

Diamond is a major league snorer. Today, for some inexplicable reason she ate the feather toys belonging to the cats. She may be acting out because of the diet.

Buttah pees like a racehorse and hair ball? It’s more like hair log.


  1. I love reading about other people's pets. Molly (the dog) may be the biggest around here, but she's pretty much bottom of the pecking order. Sassy, our old cat, rules the roost with an iron paw, hissing and smacking anyone that dares cross her path or look at her the wrong way.

  2. That picture of the two of them on the window ledge is adorable. I love it when my girls (big dogs) sleep all cuddled up with each other. It just melts me.

  3. my 'kitten' drove me crazy ths morning...starting at about 4:30. It wasnt till I dragged my lazy ass out of bed that I found the puke and the poop.
    note to time listen when the cat talks

  4. Love the pic of them in the window as well.

    Jax can make a meal out of anything - edible and non-edible.


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