Monday, September 15, 2008

Nature Au Naturel

Five days is average, normal and . . . ok, acceptable. Even at 48, 5 days is acceptable. Barely.

Nine days is above average, maybe normal but skirting the edge and nearing the realm of un-acceptable. Seriously.

Twelve days, though not the longest I’ve experienced in the past 2—3 years is well beyond average, has tottered over the edge of normal and is quite totally unacceptable.

Always Maxi with wings, I am not singing your praises. You are better than your competition but you leave much, well, let’s just leave it there.

However, it isn’t raining today, I didn’t have any electrical issues or flooding (though a couple of co-workers did), the new barber (I had to get a new one, Norman passed away) did an ok job a few days ago and I am not Joe. Joe lost his job on Monday because he was irresponsible and inconsiderate on Friday. Joe was not pleased with losing his job on Monday. He became belligerent and vulgar. I thought we’d need to summon the police. Joe ultimately left quietly.

To everyone who has suffered the forces of nature this weekend past, here’s to recovery.


  1. I went through early menopause at age 47 and I AM SO FREAKIN'GLAD AND PLEASED WITH MY ANCESTORS FOR GIVING ME THAT GIFT...

    Because from the age of 41-47, I swear to god that I bled like a stuck pig....

    And that is way more info than you wanted, huh?

  2. Dude - 23 days is my record, and for therecord, I think I'm over it, finally. It's been since MAY, before which was 18 months of "WTF is happening here?".

    Now that I've said that? I'd get a visit this weekend, I'm sure. :)

    Yay for not being Joe!!

  3. You've had an interesting week. Sorry to hear about Norman.

  4. I'm right there with you...I'm tired of my monthly visitor.

    I hope you are recovering from the weather.

  5. 12 days?, no, no, no.

    I went 6 months without...thought I was free, but then started up again.

    Mother Nature has a really twisted sense of humor.

    Always Maxi with Wings - they are like the Jumbo 747's of sanitary pads aren't they?

    And the overnight pads - WTF? I hope I never bleed that much!

  6. Shouldn't we be able to cash in our unused eggs somewhere when we are way positive we won't be needing them?

  7. ughh...the thought of bleeding just makes me wanna scream. glad i don't have to do that anymore.

    wow. so glad that you aren't Joe. Glad I'm not Joe either.

    Last week at work was very difficult for me. Yay, union protection, otherwise my supervisor may have had some undue and unfair retributions for me, and it would have been "poor Storm!"

    Glad i have power, so many don't.

    Love your t-shirt. Being loved is so beautiful.

  8. Maxine has a really good idea there.

  9. Indeed Max. Indeed we should.


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