Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Post Season

When the kids were kids we rooted for the White Sox. D was a softball player, a rather large (as compared to the other girls her age) player with a big swing. She was dubbed "lil Frank" by her teammates. Unlike Frank though, D wasn't just a big bat, she could field the ball. She was awesome at first base, if I do say so myself. But alas, softball gave way to soccer and volleyball.
As a kid I rooted for the Cubs. When I played ball with the other kids my player name was "Billy Williams" primarily because I batted from the left side. I also threw left-handed but was otherwise rigged to pursue the right-hand mind-set.

As adults we (D and me) kinda, sorta root for both teams. We are not big baseball fans but we are fans of the home town teams. M is not much of a fan either. But since he lives on the north side, a couple of miles from the "friendly confines", he has to at least pretend to bleed Cubby blue, especially on game days. He says the atmosphere is insane on game days, Win days.
Both home town teams have made it to the post season. I'm rooting for both for what it's worth, though truth be told I don't want to be anywhere near the city if by some chance they both make it to the World Series. Oh Me. Oh My. I think though, if they both do make it to the big show, Chicago is a shoo in for winning the 2016 Summer Olympic bid.
Big news, yes, but our eyes are also trained on the Fire and we are looking forward to the inaugural season of Women's Pro Soccer ( re-vamped form of the defunct WUSA) next year.
Chicago, it seems is building a pretty impressive team.

The LA Sparks are not playing for the championship and in that case, Go Silver Stars!


  1. Enjoy the vibe! Good luck to Chicago in the playoffs! Both teams. :)

  2. I haven't been paying attention to the WNBA playoffs. But, whaaaa??? How in the HELL are the Sparks out?

  3. Chicago doesn't need more reasons to crow about how awesome it is, but there ya go. SOme towns have all the luck. :)

  4. Guess I'll help you cheer for Chicago since my Skankees bit the dust again.

  5. I tried to become a football fan last year... and I do have some small feeling for it.

    But I guess I just can't get into the spectator sports.

    Good luck to your teams, tho!!

  6. Greetings D,

    Followed your link back from Lori's comments to check out your blog and say thanks for the kind comment on her interview with me. I am also a White Sox fan!

    Glad to have found you blog via Lori's!



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