Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Veggie Tale

I bought and prepared a small (though not small enough) head of cabbage for the Labor Day meal. The cabbage was at the daughter’s request, but as it turns out due to her drugged out state she didn’t eat that much that day or the days immediately following.

I don’t care for cabbage. I don’t hate cabbage but it certainly is not among my top 10 veggie likes. Son apparently is not a big fan either. Though he ate a healthy portion that day he didn’t take any home. He did, however, clear us out of spaghetti and apple pie.

Yesterday, we finally finished the Labor Day cabbage, re-heating a little for dinner (and even once for lunch Saturday).

My mom stopped over on Sunday. She brought me a container of almost done cabbage and 2 ears of corn (frozen).

On Monday she called wanting to know if I wanted more cabbage. It seems the large head she bought at the farmer’s market keeps getting . . . bigger.

No. More. Cabbage. I respectfully declined the offer of more cabbage.

Then, “well, what about Brussels sprouts?”

The previously delivered almost done cabbage was resting in the freezer.

I respectfully declined the Brussels sprouts offer.


  1. so mom thinks you'll go for little mini cabbages if you dont want the large ones?

  2. should have bought yourself a nice corned beef and cooked it amongst those cabbage leaves...


  3. Brussels sprouts are simply tiny evil cabbages.


  4. This just made me laugh.

  5. Have you ever tried Polish stuffed cabbage? We haven't had it in ages, but it's one of our favorite winter meals.

    I'm 42 and have never eaten a brussel sprout in my life.

  6. I love brussel sprouts! :) Haven't had any lately though.

    Cabbage has recently become something that we eat more regularly, as it's an ingredient for Asian foods and somehow I've been eating more and more of that kind of stuff! :)

  7. Brussells Sprouts are actually god if you cook them in bacon grease with some sliced shallots. Slice the BS thin and saute them all together adding some crumbled cooked bacon back in after and don't forget some pepper.

    Cabbage, well I make that in my ex MIL's style, sliced up and cooked with onions and little patties of italian link sauage. Yumm.

    What do you do with the cabbage?

  8. KL: Yes, tends to think most folks are like Mikey from that old Kix commerical...will eat anything.

    Maria: Had corned beef and cabbage for the very first time this year. I don't get the hype (re: the pairing of the two) Though, I LOVE corned beef.

    Tiff: YUP.

    Sassy: No, no Polish stuffed cabbage. I have a funny story about a birthday celebration that wasn't because of a Polish smorgasboard eatery.

    Val: I'm eating some different foodstuffs too or trying to. I'm also eating the same foods, in a different way. :)

    Maxine: You make it sound good, but...I gotta get passed the BS part. They just weird me out. Ick.

    I usually boil the cabbage with bacon or smoked turkey tails. Now and again..I just eat it raw, as the salad base or make cole slaw. I prefer broccoli slaw but the kidlets are not fans.

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