Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Quaint Scent

Before I start, thank you all for the kind words.
An upstairs neighbor has a teen daughter. As memory serves, where there is a teen girl, you'll likely find a teen boy.
Teen daughter is not allowed to entertain her teen boy friend in the upstairs neighbor's apartment when mom is away, or at all for all I know.
Thus, the entertaining has been taking place in the vestibule, daily when school is in session, timed to assure full entertainment before mom arrives home. Well, as full as a public vestibule will allow.
They are often still entertaining when I arrive home.
I had forgotten the oh so ripe scent of teen boy. A teen boy right after school, practice, flirting, cuddling with teen girl in vestibule.
Getthemailquick. Getthemailquick. Getthemailquick.
Oh, boy.


  1. Heh. Yeah. Ripe is right.

  2. Oh, the things I have yet to look forward to. The hints are the with the Things, but full-blown teenagerdom is still a bit off.

  3. just what you need... horny teens! ;) Move quickly by them!

  4. It's moments like that you pull out the ol' Melissa Ferrick CD and play this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsG-eN96fVc

  5. you are so right about that... while my son was still living here i couldnt even go into his room.

  6. Oy you had me laughin' on this one.


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