Monday, March 02, 2009

May I?

Preface: Any resemblance to persons, places or events is purely coincidental.

The wind whips about my head at gale forces. I wait for a bus at an un-sheltered stop, no edificial barrier against the un-tamed winds trying desperately to stand firm against the beast. The wind begins to bite.

Lacking any defense, I seek refuge inside my mind.

Not surprisingly I find her there. More specifically, I find her spot there. That soft, supple, delectable place just behind her left ear weaves a memory, conjures the taste of vanilla in the recesses of my mind.

The taste so potent, the hunger so present I’m prompted to growl back at the howling wind.

I recall lying in the folds of the comforter, enveloped by her embrace. My lips nestled upon her skin, resting in my favorite place. Our bodies not yet completely silent from the last hurrah were beginning to settle when deliberately, I allow my tongue to find her spot once again. She whispers a mild protest, I return an urgent plea….may I?


  1. Oh, Lord.
    Deborah that was really good.
    But it saddens me so that it is over - at least for now - for you & whomever. ahem.
    But not to worry - someday you will find the right one for you.
    Until then, sweet dreams.

  2. Aiy carrumba! I think I need to dive in the snow to cool off.

    Deb - and when that right one comes along, she'll be very, very lucky!

  3. Hey - at least now you know what works, right?


  4. That was poetry

  5. Oh, my. It's that kind of stuff that just makes you ache. But, little by little...the aching will abate. Promise.

  6. oh my, oh my....


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