Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My feet are wet. I get crabby when my feet are wet.

I normally have a spare pair in my desk drawer.

I also have spare shoes, and now and again a spare shirt and spare pants. But, usually it’s (just) socks and most definitely shoes, for I can’t stand for my feet to be wet.

But, my feet are wet now. And I’m crabby, because I get crabby when my feet are wet.

Upon arriving to work with the wet feet, I realized I’d forgotten to replace the last spare pair.

I get crabby when I forget.

I suppose I could take off my wet shoes and my wet socks, put on my dry shoes until the wet ones dry.

But I can’t. I can’t stand wearing shoes without socks.

I get crabby without socks.

Though, not quite as crabby as when I have socks and they are wet.

So maybe I can stand sock-less shoes on my towel dried feet.

Maybe I'll just have lunch.


  1. ...and not just cottage cheese today. This level of crabbiness deserves some REAL food.

    Should I start emailing suggestions? [evil snicker]

  2. Yes, you're right. No cottage cheese today. Buuut, should have sooo taken you up on the suggestions.

    The crappy taco salad made me...yep, you guessed it.

  3. eeeYUCKkkk.
    I think you should put some big furry slippers in your drawer.

  4. I'm with KMae - big furry slippers would work better then shoes without socks.

    Chocolate will help with the crabbiness!

  5. slippers get my vote...

    Hope things dry up for you (doesn't sound very nice, but it's from the heart!)

  6. Hi! I understand perfectly. Can't stand wet socks and feet. So very true!!!

    Best wishes,


  7. Bing seldom gets cranky, but NOTHING upsets her more than wet socks. I have seen her nearly in tears once when she had to sit through a graduation ceremony with wet socks.

    Of course, I told her stop whining and grow up and this didn't help....

    On days like yours, I say go to a diner and order a grilled cheese with extra pickles. It always works for me.


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