Tuesday, June 02, 2009

China Comes to Chicago

The goal was to get out, meet-up with some lovely lesbians and listen to docent types talk about some visitors from China. The meet-up withe the lovely lesbians didn't happen. Boo! to that, but out I did get. I missed the talk-about, but I picked up a brochure. The talks are given often, so I can catch that another time. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and grrrr...there was red in the square. This lovely fellow is Windy City Dinosaur. He, as you might have guessed, was quite popular with the kids. Several moms were trying to get they're young charges to pose "without the face" in front of WCD. I think several pics sported, "the face" the little tykes just couldn't help themselves.

Valiant Struggle No. 11, a pig being held by a man, who is being held by a woman, all hanging from a crane that looked like a VW bug with a rather long tongue drew much attention. Not quite as much as WCD, but the colorful grouping held the interest of many.

Jia Shan Shi No. 46 wasn't quite so popular with the kids. One, decided that it looked like a big hunk of twisted up tin foil. He was not impressed. According to the brochure the artist, Zhan Wang has become world famous for his stainless steel copies of "scholars' rocks" found in classical Chinese gardens. I found the piece calming yet forceful.
So, while I missed out on meeting-up with the lovely lesbians I was scheduled to meet, I had a lovely time in the lovely Millennium Park. In addition to seeing wonderfully provocative pieces of art, I got to help some German women find "The Bean" or rather, Cloud Gate. Though they didn't speak much English we were able to understand each other enough...I escorted them to the sculpture and they were grateful.
I wasn't able to show the two Chinese women who asked (and no, I wasn't wearing a uniform, people just ask me stuff) about the location of a bathroom. I did point out park personnel whom I assured would be pleased to assist.
All-in-all, it was a pretty good Saturday afternoon in the park.


  1. Why did you miss the lovely lesbians?
    Were you late or did they just not show. Did I miss something?
    At least you got out.

  2. No Kmae, you didn't miss anything. *I* missed them (or 2 of the 6 expected)by a series of unfortunate events in insufficient planning. They'll be another time. :-)

  3. Valiant Struggle # 1 disturbed me when I saw it.


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