Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Morn / Afternoon

  • Curious about what is whirling in the minds of folks while they stand and watch their clothes whirling in the dryer.
  • I'm trying not to read too much into mom delivering coupons, to D*nkin' D's, B*rger K*ing, Big Micky's and the like. She is fully aware of my quest.
  • Speaking of the quest, yes still on it and yes, still some measurable success. Though, progress (in direct relation to effort) has slowed.
  • Re-energizing focus in that regard as we speak (so to speak).
  • Went to the Newberry yesterday to view this documentary and experience the panel discussion. Fascinating stuff.
  • After the viewing and talking, went on a long walk and more talk with son. Fascinating stuff.
  • The orange cat is almost never out of view. He likes to be wherever you are.
  • I've gone hours now without speaking a word aloud to anyone (but the cats).
  • I think I'll go across the street and place an order. I'm sure to get some vocalizing in there.
  • During a recent purge of empty / near empty hair / body product bottles from the bathroom I came across directions? from one of daughter's many (many) products: use me: message me in. you'll forgive and forget with so much creaminess. rinse and rebound.
  • And with that, I'm going to have some lunch.


  1. I love a good "catch you up to date" post like this. I'm all about bullet points.

  2. Was it a Philosophy product? I love me some Philosophy. They stopped making the shampoo I liked, though.

    Progress is progress by the way.

  3. Your quest has become your lifestyle. Ditch the coupons in the breakroom at work ( or maybe pass to the next generation).

  4. I wanna know what that product is. With instructions like that, it feels like a winner to me. ;-)


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