Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Four, He's A Lovely Fellow

When Pete first arrived on the scene he spent a lot of time writing or at least deeply expressing his desire to feel a part of the writing process. Or just part of whatever. I'm guessing his desire to write was fueled by his questions.

Questions. He had (has) plenty of questions. Not of least of which I'm sure revolves around diva dog, since he happens to be her favorite humping candidate. Well, actually, only since Buttah won't let her anywhere near his . . . well, she doesn't get that close to him. I gather Pete doesn't understand that one whit. And so, questions. When Pete isn't writing (or eating, sleeping, pooping, drinking, licking himself or Buttah, being humped by the dog) he's contemplating.

He spends much time contemplating, for there is much to contemplate. Still, I think Mr. Pete (Peter, when we're feeling formal) is satisfied, dare I say, happy? to be here with us and while he may not have been the happiest camper on the grounds when diva dog and the Buttah boy came interloping into his quiet place, he's pretty much accepted his role as prince tabby number one. We are all (even Mike--since Pete pretty much leaves him be--Buttah, that's another story) are pretty happy to have Mr. Pete here with us.
Happy Birthday (#4) Mr. Pete a.k.a. Shawshank


  1. That poor baby, getting humped by the dog. LOL

  2. Glad he is settling in and making himself at home! What a beautiful face he has.

  3. Great pictures, esp that 2nd one!
    Very artsy fartsy!!!

  4. Syd: Yeah, poor baby..funny she doesn't mess with Buttah much at all, except to "tell" him to get out of her way.

    Dish: Thank you, it is quite expressive as is he.

    Kmae: yep, that's me artsy fartsy. :) (Thanks).


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