Thursday, April 08, 2010

Chicago Spring. Really? Yep.

Spring is nearly twenty days gone but blustery winter is reluctant to let us go. Folks talk long and hard about the long and hard winters we suffer here in the city of big shoulders and rightly so. But even more conversation worthy are the unpredictable and spirit zapping springs.
Snow in April is probably more rare in actuality than it seems. But I, for one, always expect a kind of last burst of winter, that is to say very cold blustery days and even sometimes, snow. It seems as though we are in the midst of that right now. Cold, under 40 degrees, hat, coat, not quite gloves, cold start to the day today. Blustery winds, some rain and perhaps even a spot of snow. Ahhh, Spring.
Hopefully this burst will be short-lived. The forecast is for sun and upper 60 / lower 70 degree temps for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It remains to be seen if the winter burst we are experiencing now is the last for this Spring. I, for one, hope that is the case.
p.s. My second article was published today. Thanks to Lori for the opportunity and for all the support, especially over the last couple days. It is great fun to not only write but also to be in the company of some pretty awesome folks.


  1. Sending warm thoughts in your direction!

  2. The sun was very deceptive yesterday. It looked like I should be nice outside, but you walked out there and it was 25+ mile an hour winds and chilly! I am ready for spring to stick!

    Congrats on the article!!! That's awesome.

  3. It WAS really warm for a few days,
    but it's FREEZING here again. wierd.

  4. My windows are finally open. Bliss.

  5. WARM UP, dang it!

    Congrats on the article.

  6. D - We love having you aboard. I love what you bring to us. Keep bringin' it on, will you? L


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