Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watch The Road

My son is the first-born and as such he had a bit over three years to himself . Even after his sister came along he still had another couple of years before he was be bugged by engage her his in play.

As a result, during his lone years he learned to play, quite contentedly, alone. As a youngster he enjoyed animals and action. His toys consisted of the various favorite action figure collections (vehicles included) and animals. From a very early age he created plays with his toys. He constructed elaborate sets, staged the scenes, and blocked the action. He also did voices for each character, human as well as animal.

When he was nine, ten, or so he scoffed at my suggestion, prediction? that he would develop into a writer and / or some kind of performer. He resisted the calling until his sophomore year in high school. I believe it was his during the poetry module where he met one of his early mentors, a teacher, who introduced him to spoken word poetry and performing that genre. That teacher / mentor encouraged him to meet his friend, the drama teacher, who in turn asked him to try out for the next play. He did, got the role, and started registered for the acting class the next year.

Michael all but poured himself into the lessons and disciplines. He won several parts over the next couple of years in high school riding that wave of energy and euphoria right into college, where he continued winning roles in a number of productions.

The high school drama teacher, another of my son's mentors, has often referred to Michael as his favorite student. Focused. Driven.

The teacher and the student did a turn recently in a short film. Though my son has been acting (really all his life) but officially since high school, he has, in some respects, only just begun. Where being on stage is like breathing for him, being on film is a new discipline requiring different skill sets.

With a commercial and now this (soon? to be released) screen debut to his credit his profile continues to grow. And while he adores being on stage (and is currently booked through the end of the year) he welcomes the opportunity for screen work as well.

As his biggest fan I applaud every performance, each success. As his mom I never miss the opportunity to reminisce about his childhood play and my spoken words.

Someday is today, and beyond.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Uhm, To Do?

My driver's license expired on my birthday. I have not yet gone to the department of motor vehicles to pay the bucks, take the test, pose for the picture, to renew my license.

I'm procrastinating.

Though, not really. I haven't decided I want a license (again). I mean, I suppose I do, but I haven't yet committed to that decision. Conventional wisdom screams, "get the license, better to have it than not."


for some reason I'm not sold, yet.

Still, either the license or the the state issued ID (the one I have expired in 2007) I need some form of valid identification.

Otherwise, I don't exist.

Steeling myself for a trip to the DMV sometime in the very near future.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oooooo Origami*

My photos don't give them their full due, but the lovely, ornamental origami animal menagerie was the greatest surprise. They came with the journal, packaged separately, as if they might have a mind on escaping. I have it on good authority that they nearly didn't make it in the package. They created such a stir that one of the journal mistresses admitted to wanting them for her very own. I can certainly understand the impetus. I'm glad she resisted.

artist who crafted the lovely, bejeweled creatures is married to a blogging fave. She, of the helpful and timely tips. We have known of one another since the beginning of my blogging days and beyond blogs participated in a shared project or two. It has been great, grand fun

getting to know them both. I don't have a permanent home for the folded

paper zoo (yet). But the fanciful creatures are hanging where I can see them and their message, the warm, caring, friendly gesture of a great artistic talent, and grand dame. Yes, I ♥ the bejeweled zoo and I ♥ the creator.
thank you.

*journal madness (7)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Are Fam-i-ly*

When I first started following blogs way back when I sought out that which was most familiar to me, motherhood and mothers. Then, like now (I imagine) there was no shortage of so-called mommy bloggers.

Eventually, the focus was narrowed to lesbian bloggers, which ultimately led me to a bevy of women who are of a similar age and with similar experiences. Most are lesbians. Most are mothers. Most are writers and / or artists in some other medium.

That is how I became aware of and acquainted with Lori as well as other contributors to the journal. Lori has lived and continues to live a fascinating life. Here tales of family life and adventures in lesbian dating are of particular interest as well as sources of entertainment and information.

Lori is also co-editor of OBG and while we haven't met face-to-face, we have had occasion to speak on the phone. So exciting to put a voice to the face, some timbre to the words and their rhythms that are so familiar.

No question, I ♥ all the pages, and Lori's page is no exception. I ♥ you Lori for taking part and for sharing your thoughts and extending your friendship.

*journal madness (6)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Joy. A short, simple word to express the range of emotions experienced when I saw the journal (and other package contents). Taking in each of the pages, absorbing the sentiments expressed and the care taken in creation brings me such J O Y. All of the women who participated in this project, delivering this joy, I know via blogging. Some, as mentioned previously, I've met in real life, real time, face-to-face. Others, like Tiff whose pages are shown here, I haven't met beyond the blog. Well, blogs really. Tiff was the creative force behind Wordsmiths Unlimited, which was so very fun.

Tiff was also instrumental in roping recruiting for the Shrinking Piggies, which not only helped me focus on weight loss, life-style goals, but also spurred some other exercising. Writing about The Quest enhanced the experience and allowed the opportunity to get to know Tiff even more. Win-Win.
I adore her writing, particularly her work-place and family adventures. Not to mention the word porn. Fascinating rhythms.
Tiff's sharing of her talents to help me celebrate my big day fills my ♥ with much joy. I ;hearts; her for that.
*journal madness (5)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It was summertime. We arranged to meet in Greek Town. I chose this neighborhood because it wasn't downtown, but near enough, just in case. And while trendy, isn't overly crowded. It is also fairly close to the public transpo option that was more-or-less a straight shot back to where she was staying.

I was nervous. Not first date or job interview nervous, but nervous none-the-less. Though I'd met three other bloggers and those meets had gone well, and she and I had followed one another through our respective blogs for weeks, months prior to this meet, I was still nervous of the unknown element. Meeting someone in real-life is very different than meeting the virtual them, to say the least.

It was the summer of 2007 (WoW, it feels like yesterday). We ate, drank, and made much merry conversation.

Tiff noted that I was a lucky girl. I agree. I do feel lucky and I'm glad to have been able to experience the 3,000th W*lgre*ns with you (she knows who she is*) that was such a treat! I'm looking forward to our next get-together. Maybe we can go in search of number 3,001 or check out that other passion of yours. Thank you so much for taking part in the project. I ♥ you, dontcha know.

*journal madness (4)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Friends Are . . . *

Four years ago (in March) at a time I was coming to terms with my identity, understanding more about the world (and technology) around me, and adjusting to life with adult children, this blog began.

Prior to blogging my thoughts (and writing) were relegated to paper in the form of a personal journal, meant for my eyes only. Blogging has meant that others now see my thoughts and words. Some of those others have reached out to respond to those thoughts and as has been reflected several times over, connections established, friendships formed.

One such friendship has an extra special connection to this blog. Nina is the third blogger I met face-to-face. The page she crafted in the journal points to a memory of that meeting as well as to how our meeting through a linked blogging community led to our reaching out to one another beyond the blogs. My friend Nina is a wizard with words and exhibits some command with a camera. I miss her voice and seeing her creativity on a regular basis. I am (beyond the journal) in possession of some of her work, for which I am eternally grateful.
I ♥ that she took part in this project. I ♥ (and miss) her, dearly.
*journal madness (3)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

cuente a cincuenta*

My dear friend Maxine , the queen of zen, color, crafting with knitting needles and more, and well, flavor in every sense of the word, is quite simply, divine.

She and the lovely (or rather, dear sweet) elizabeth were the first (and second) bloggers I met face-to-face. I took a drive to blues and "Heartbreak Hotel" land and hung for a couple of days. Sadly, there was no treks to yarn outlets. But, I'm hoping subsequent get-togethers will afford that opportunity. Yarn adventures or no, I do get to enjoy my knitted by maxine bounty.

I ♥ qm's art. I ♥ the queen.

*count to fifty journal madness (2)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Blue Lady and A Butterfly or Two*

My friend Elizabeth is an artist. You should see her cars. I am so beyond thrilled to have some of her work. I will hold the journal near and dear to my heart because of what it represents.

But too, I cherish having a taste of eb art so close, within arms length. There is such whimsy and soulfulness. . . . I ♥ the art. I ♥ the woman who makes the art. Ok, stopping before I get all weepy (again). :)

*journal madness (1)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day Five: Cheers!!!!

Over the next several posts I will be sharing the completed pages of this magnificent journal, a gifted inspiration from my good friends eb and queen maxine.

The lovely cheers to turning fifty project traveled around the country, pages being filled by some friends made through blogging. Quite the project. To say I was floored when I tore open the FeX packaging and spied the journal, not to mention the extras; supplies for me to do my own pages, and an origami animal menagerie adorned with jewels, would . . . well, let's just say, understatement doesn't even begin to cover it. Thanks have gone out to all participants but I thank you all here again: Nina, Lori , Tiff ,Chapin, M.A.W. (creator of the origami creatures--which were totally WoW) and of course, the lovely Elizabeth and Ms. serene Maxine. You ladies rocked my very colorful socks off and made turning half a hundred an absolutely delectable experience.

Journal Madness, as I am calling it, will be explored further in this space.

Now, for the chocolate martini taste tests: I tried the chocolate martinis several ways and have awarded stars (1--5) accordingly; one ranking as least favorite progressing to most favorite, five stars.

A. 2 parts vodka, 1 part Irish cream, 1 part Godiva choc liqueur : 3 stars
B. 1 part each vodka, Irish cream, Godiva chock liqueur: 2 stars
C. both of the above with a dash (or two) of cinnamon: 2 stars
D. same as A, B along with with equal parts half and half: 2 stars
E: 2 parts vodka, 1 part Irish cream, 2 parts Godiva choc liqueur: 4 stars
F: same as E except 2 parts each: 5 stars
G: same as E except minus the Irish cream: 2 stars

The half and half added a froth consistency to the drink and though not horrible, didn't appeal as much. I've lost count of how many chocolate martinis I've consumed over these five celebratory days but I enjoyed each and every one, some to a greater degree than others, but all YuM.

And re: Pretzel M&M's:
I was all set to become quietly addicted to Pretzel M&M's as it sounded like a match made to assure snack nirvana. But, while like the half and half added to the chocolate martini mix, not horrible, did not knock my colorful socks off. If / When I'm choosing M&Ms as my snack candy of choice (rare as that is) I will likely choose the pretzel variety over the others, but no danger of forming any addictions.

Thus bringing to a close the five days of THE Fiftieth celebration(s) except for the elaboration of Journal Madness. Until then, let me leave you with the text of a card received from one of my cousins:

Turning fifty means
looking back at the choices you've made,
the places you've been
and embracing the amazing person
they've helped you become
It means wearing your confidence like a smile
and striding through your life
regret-free, fearless, and purposeful
Turning fifty means
appreciating just how far you've traveled,
yet realizing the best of the best
is yet to come
it means wrapping yourself in happiness
and celebrating every minute of being fifty
as if it were the best time of your life
because it truly is . . .
To which I say, hellz to the yeah. Cheers, Nifty Fifty.