Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Blue Lady and A Butterfly or Two*

My friend Elizabeth is an artist. You should see her cars. I am so beyond thrilled to have some of her work. I will hold the journal near and dear to my heart because of what it represents.

But too, I cherish having a taste of eb art so close, within arms length. There is such whimsy and soulfulness. . . . I ♥ the art. I ♥ the woman who makes the art. Ok, stopping before I get all weepy (again). :)

*journal madness (1)


  1. I heart her too. And I heart you!

  2. Yes, Elizabeth is really fabulous!
    (and so are you
    and so is Max!)
    What an exquisite gift she made for you!!!
    So awesome.

  3. Big smile.

    (I will not get weepy)


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