Saturday, August 07, 2010

Friends Are . . . *

Four years ago (in March) at a time I was coming to terms with my identity, understanding more about the world (and technology) around me, and adjusting to life with adult children, this blog began.

Prior to blogging my thoughts (and writing) were relegated to paper in the form of a personal journal, meant for my eyes only. Blogging has meant that others now see my thoughts and words. Some of those others have reached out to respond to those thoughts and as has been reflected several times over, connections established, friendships formed.

One such friendship has an extra special connection to this blog. Nina is the third blogger I met face-to-face. The page she crafted in the journal points to a memory of that meeting as well as to how our meeting through a linked blogging community led to our reaching out to one another beyond the blogs. My friend Nina is a wizard with words and exhibits some command with a camera. I miss her voice and seeing her creativity on a regular basis. I am (beyond the journal) in possession of some of her work, for which I am eternally grateful.
I ♥ that she took part in this project. I ♥ (and miss) her, dearly.
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  1. Jeepers, you're kind of one of the luckiest people I know. :)

    Goooo, YOU!

  2. I am feeling rather lucky. WoW.


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