Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Can't Think of A Title, But Don't Like "Un-titled"

1. My eyes are watery, yet dry and scratchy. Allergies.

2. Number one is making for challenging work days and yet another cause for sleepless nights.

3. Still, I manage to get another Gayborhood entry done.

4. I don't think I mentioned August's entry.

5. Have I mentioned how much fun these are to do? Oh sure, I agonize over a topic for a few days, but that's part of the fun. :)

6. If you're checking out the Gayborhood, YaY and Thank You.

7. If you're not . . . . well, think about it. Good stuff. Seriously.

8. My older brother is 52 today. Cheers to him, wherever he is.

9. My dad celebrated number 72 earlier this month. Cheers to him, wherever he is.

10. Several friends and acquaintances are experiencing some challenging times these days. I'm in the midst of my own challenging situation (beyond the watery, scratchy allergy eyes). But, this to all of you, my heart and thoughts are with you.


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  1. ...and my thoughts are with you, my sweet friend.


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