Saturday, October 30, 2010

ten thirty twenty-ten

In addition to the written test (twenty questions and fifteen signs) there was the vision screening. I was next to an applicant who had the following exchange with a state clerk facilitating vision screening:
a: G H B . . .
sc: try again, that isn't a G
a: G . .
sc: try again, not a G
a: G
sc: no ma'am, not a G try again
(a's aide, grand-daughter repeats: not a G)
a: G
sc: no ma'am
I don't hear the next exchange as I'm having my own vision screened and focusing on my letters, not a G in the bunch.
a: I SEE A G!
sc: ma'am I'm sorry, that isn't a G
a: Then what IS it?
sc: It is a C ma'am.
a: Well hell, it looks like a G.
She didn't pass her screening but another on the other side of me did with a message from his screener, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, soon!
Anyhoo, aced the signs, flubbed on two questions having to do with teen driving regs and the like. The best part of the morning (well, other than getting the license) was the invigorating walk to and mostly from the facility, about two miles from my where I live.
Near future being relative, the task is done, off the list, good to go for four more years.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Four Years Ago

Spoons. Four years ago there was a brief mention of disappearing spoons. I am happy to report that the spoons didn't keep disappearing. The household wasn't rendered slowly but surely, totally spoon less.

Now, however the issue is forks. Forks are walking away (not with the spoons, the spoons are staying put) at a slow and steady pace. But oddly enough, not all the forks, only the smaller forks, what I like to call, my favorite forks.

As of today all but one (well, two since I keep a fork at work) has gone away. Though perplexed by these disappearing acts I'm not dwelling on the how or why. My focus is spot-on keeping that final fork by my side.

Or under lock and key.

Or . . . something

Monday, October 25, 2010

On The Bubble

I had high hopes for "The Whole Truth" mostly because I'm crazy wild over Maura Tierney and it is a law and order type show, my preferred televised genre.

It appears that "The Whole Truth" and several others are on the bubble. I don't have a vested interest in any of the other shows, but I did want Maura's to survive. But, I must admit after seeing 3 episodes I can see why viewers aren't streaming to this show. The point-counter point (kinda like flashbacks--which I despise) style is tedious and annoying.

The tedious back and forth though, is minor compared to the stiff and lifeless performances by everyone except Maura.

All the above being said, I'd like to thank ABC and the viewing public for doing their parts toward my weaning process.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunflower Power

Diamond is begging, bouncing on her hind legs, for my peanut butter (chunky) and pineapple preserves on a very nutty bread, sandwich.

Pete is splayed in the middle of my bed and will become all harumpfy when go back to retire for the night.

Buttah is right here on the desk, helping me tyyype. As you might imagine he isn't much help. But, he insists on being part of the process, whatever process that is in process at an given moment.

Otherwise, all is quiet.

Well, except for the rat-a-tat going on inside my head. Beyond the work yada x3, and home yada x3, there is this: I miss . . . everything.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, What A Night

. . . or, "how to throw a wrench into a quiet night."

1. Your mom (and her crew) deliver a new (free) refrigerator 30 minutes early, freaking out the furries (well, except people friendly Buttah).

2. Due to the early arrival no chance to clear a place, prep the area which results in chaos (and other people IN my kitchen and old fridge)

3. Spending the bulk of the evening shifting 2 refrigerators; 1 out of place and the other, in.

4. Time not spent shifting the refrigerators was wiping, shelf building, sorting, storing, clearing, wiping, dumping, washing, and then finally preparing dinner, all of which delayed . . .

5. the nice, quiet, dinner followed by shower, rest, and relaxation by over two hours.

Hi-ever, on the upside there is a new (well, new to me) refrigerator with interior lights and zero leakage, in place. Thank you mom (& crew).

:::this is me, NOT making plans for Tuesday:::

Most Mornings

Most mornings I have myself together enough to walk (or ride the bike) the five or so blocks to the train going in to work.

Most mornings I prefer the walk over the riding as the walk affords the opportunity to gaze at the splendor of the trees.

This time of year most of the trees still have their leaves and most are still green. But there are a few that sport leaves in various stages of greens, yellows, and oranges.

Most mornings (of late) have been sun shiny bright and when that light shines on the multiple colored trees many more hues appear . . . splendiferous!

Most mornings while soaking in the splendor of the trees, many thoughts like a co-worker becoming a friend, a daughter's recovery, a son's excitement over current and future projects, and more cross my mind.

What I try to avoid thinking about is how few of these crisp, bright, splendiferous mornings we have left.

Most mornings I succeed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Through The Years

Shoes to fasten, hands to hold. A fierce little girl who was rarely quiet, quite often bold. A fierce little girl who was rarely quiet, quite often bold.

Arms and heart wide open truth be told.

Has become a young woman, lo and behold!

My darling daughter celebrated birthday number twenty-five, October 11th. And while this hasn't been a stellar year for her (us) she (we) are forging on. As some wise person said, "every difficulty is opportunity is disguise." Cheers and here's to the next twenty-five.
In addition to being HER special day, October 11th is also National Coming Out day and as she was my first tell, the day is doubly special for me, us. She is a great supporter and enthusiastic cheerleader. I love her for that and so much more.
Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Friday, October 08, 2010

PeTe's Photoshoot

This array is for my friend (who is NOT a cat person) who also is of the opinion that Pete is a pretty cat. We were at D and D's are of a similar opinion. The two boys couldn't be more different, though as noted previously, get along famously. Mike (also not a cat person) tends to favor Pete over Buttah because Pete is more of a loner.

Just tonight he said about Pete, "attitude, dripping . . . like vinegar." Pete does have a way of fixing that glare at you especially when he feels the human has said or done something . . . unflattering. Which, I suppose, judging by the frequency of his attitude stares, is often.

My last call before leaving work this evening was from Dani and the last thing she said, "talk to your cat when you get home." I don't know what he'd gotten himself into during the day home with her. He was a bit more skittered and oh so . . . present this evening. Pete the loner, has been following me around and planting himself where ever I sit.

And Buttah (or rather, Garfield so dubbed by Mike) is just being Buttah.

The Boys were in rare form this evening.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Orange Boy Rules

Yes, another tale of the orange boy. The chill(ing) pic is old. You may recall, the simpatico note...Buttah sitting on top of daughter's A/C unit (which yes, IS but soooo should not be ON the DR table). She took it out of her window when the nighttime temps dipped to the upper 40s recently.
I'll be re-locating the unit to the winter time storage space as it must be lifted overhead and placed on an upper shelf of the pantry, as soon as I re-locate the orange boy.

Friday, October 01, 2010

After Dinner Thought

It was gently suggested that I might but casting blame at Buttah where none was due, that he might be taking the rap for one or both of his furry companions.

Granted, I didn't witness Buttah breaking the teapot, but all the gathered evidence, circumstantial it may be, points to the orange boy. His reputation precedes him.

Still, that isn't to suggest that the grey / brown boy is by any means sans issues. He has issues up the whazoooo. We are currently battling over his scratching the baseboards, forays atop the kitchen counter as well as and refrigerator. Yes, orange boy is up there too but were it not for Pete, Buttah would not have ventured. Probably.

However, all things considered, they are a wonderful pair of felines and partnered with the poop eatin' diva dog a fantabulous trio. They are a welcome sight after long hard days that, that, well make me wanna . . .

We have the place to ourselves now and for the next several hours. And while this might be prime time to address some of the respective issues, no can do. I will be joining them in the one activity they each have down to an artform and for which there aren't any qualms: relaxing.

To echo the sentiments of one of my former co-workers, "Happy Friday!"