Friday, October 01, 2010

After Dinner Thought

It was gently suggested that I might but casting blame at Buttah where none was due, that he might be taking the rap for one or both of his furry companions.

Granted, I didn't witness Buttah breaking the teapot, but all the gathered evidence, circumstantial it may be, points to the orange boy. His reputation precedes him.

Still, that isn't to suggest that the grey / brown boy is by any means sans issues. He has issues up the whazoooo. We are currently battling over his scratching the baseboards, forays atop the kitchen counter as well as and refrigerator. Yes, orange boy is up there too but were it not for Pete, Buttah would not have ventured. Probably.

However, all things considered, they are a wonderful pair of felines and partnered with the poop eatin' diva dog a fantabulous trio. They are a welcome sight after long hard days that, that, well make me wanna . . .

We have the place to ourselves now and for the next several hours. And while this might be prime time to address some of the respective issues, no can do. I will be joining them in the one activity they each have down to an artform and for which there aren't any qualms: relaxing.

To echo the sentiments of one of my former co-workers, "Happy Friday!"

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  1. Cats; definitely good at relaxing. Dogs, well, only if there has already been a walk with lots of sniffing. At least that's how it is around my house.


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