Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, What A Night

. . . or, "how to throw a wrench into a quiet night."

1. Your mom (and her crew) deliver a new (free) refrigerator 30 minutes early, freaking out the furries (well, except people friendly Buttah).

2. Due to the early arrival no chance to clear a place, prep the area which results in chaos (and other people IN my kitchen and old fridge)

3. Spending the bulk of the evening shifting 2 refrigerators; 1 out of place and the other, in.

4. Time not spent shifting the refrigerators was wiping, shelf building, sorting, storing, clearing, wiping, dumping, washing, and then finally preparing dinner, all of which delayed . . .

5. the nice, quiet, dinner followed by shower, rest, and relaxation by over two hours.

Hi-ever, on the upside there is a new (well, new to me) refrigerator with interior lights and zero leakage, in place. Thank you mom (& crew).

:::this is me, NOT making plans for Tuesday:::


  1. New fridge = yay!

    My dad did a similar thing one time. I got home from work to find him and the crew wrestling the new one in and the old one out. I hadn't had time to clean and empty out the old one. Argh! The funny thing was the unmarked bag of catnip in the freezer... sure looked like... something else. hahahah!

  2. Woohoo for new-to-you fridges! Boo for the life disruption.


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