Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

Hard pressed to find something to be thankful about today, well, except for the whole being alive thing. And for my son, daughter, mom (and other family) and pets. And . . . ok, not so hard pressed.

But, it was a difficult day made more so by the rain. Oh. The. Rain.

However, thankfully, (so far) my area has escaped the worst of it and though my feet, ankles, shins, knees (and the fabric covering them) were soaked through and through, I was nearly home when the squishing began in earnest.

Now I am dry, re-dressed in warm lounge-wear. I am about to devour a steaming bowl of chicken and rice soup. And later I will pop some corn and hunker down to a warm, peaceful rest of the night.

Many thanks.


  1. I do what you do. When I am feeling foul, I have to take myself step by step through my good fortune.

    Sometimes even that doesn't really work because I can be stubbornly foul minded sometimes....

  2. Warm lounge wear and steaming soup is a good way to give thanks for being out of the squish.

  3. Hold on! You're not up here in the Pacific Northwest are you? Cuz, sister, you are singing our song! Except that right now it's all about the ice and snow.

    Mmmm.... warm lounge wear and soup. You'd fit in reeeaall well up here.

  4. aaahhh (Tuesday) no ice, no snow, but oooh zee cold. The warming, lounging, and souping continues.


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