Monday, November 08, 2010

To Satisfy the Curious

1. Cookies: most any kind will do. Of late, chunky chocolate chip and white chocolate, macadamia nut. Yum

2. Fried pie: generic, mass produced, apple.

3. The actor's epiphany had to do with current role. He struggled with how to play his character's opening scene. Walking home from rehearsal the other night--inspiration (epiphany) struck. He talked it out, worked it out, played it out for for audience of one (me) and is satisfied with result.

Word is, director is pleased with the current path.

Being witness to him working out, working on his various characters is almost as much fun as watching the entire production.

Downside is: now super anxious to see the end result.


  1. I love fried pie, but the inside is like liquid hot magma! Must be careful!

    Congrats to the Actor!

  2. If only I could live on cookies and chips... two of my favorite food groups.

    Congrats to the actor. That must feel very satisfying!

  3. You have complicated my satisfaction. Glad to know the epiphany. Epiphanies could be really big things like - becoming a Trappist monk and making beer (there could be worse epiphanies, I suppose). But...

    Current role?

    Helllooo... help us out here.

  4. it's so cool to know that even though your kids are grown, they're still growing. Hooray for the epiphany!


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