Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Some of Our Neighbors:

The task of breaking down cardboard cartons is herculean. The difficultly level ranking right up there with the likes of brain surgery. From the intricacies of slicing reinforced tape to the precision needed to massage creases to fold in on themselves, the entire operation is a daunting challenge.

Daunting, yet many of your neighbors met the challenge with an eye toward tidiness and compacting limited trash space and learned how to intricately and precisely break down cardboard cartons.

In the spirit of neighborly acts, those neighbors who have perfected box breaking down techniques are graciously offering workshops for those of you interested in learning the most useful and esteemed skill. The workshops will be held in the lobby for the next three Saturdays.
Bring your own boxes, blades will be supplied.

You may choose not to participate in the workshops and that is fine, however, be advised that disposing of your shoe, gift, furniture, appliance, and other assorted cartons un-broken down is seen by your fellow neighbors as rude and unseemly.

So please, take advantage of the workshops, or locate a self-help book or video--whatever method you choose to learn, please do--learn and utilize your skills. Over time, with practice, you'll one day be able to count yourself among the exclusive and elite, box break down club.

You can do it. We know that you can.


The Other Neighbors

Monday, January 24, 2011

This or That: Peanut Butter

What is your preference, smooth or chunky?
On a slice of wheat or oat bread, topped with either cinnamon or bananas (or both). Paired with a cup of skim or the newly favored almond milk . . .
What is your preference, smooth or chunky?
**note: product shown not necessarily an endorsement, though it is one of the brands currently in my cupboard.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Together Now

For all the ugliness we witness, hear and read about, or perhaps even inflict, please take a moment and then a moment longer to recognize and rejoice.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Acting Like . . . Friday

Whew, finally. Friday.

Rising early (thanks to Buttah the chest sitter and Peter the poker) to get down to the workplace neighborhood to have breakfast with a friend*
before checking in to work for the day, was a real treat.

We were sooo into our girl time, that time flew right by. It was nearly 9:30 and we were nearly an hour late for work. Oh. Goodness. Thankfully, the breakfast spot was only a few feet from the job spot.

A fun twist was seeing how affected the boys were with our absence especially when the dots were connected and the realization struck that we'd had breakfast together.

It was a great start to this Friday; this tail end of an incredibly long, tedious, filled with anxiety and trepidation week. I only wish we'd thought to do this sooner. But, the tradition has now begun. It won't be every Friday, or maybe not Friday at all, but again, and again, and again . . . is the hope plan.

And if the boys can't deal? Oh, well.

* thoughts are with you.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hot Sex From The New Recruit

The note was in the box and next to the note, a bottle of . . . sex*, and it was hot. Well, not hot as it is best served chilled, but oh so hot to have received it. It was good, very . . . well, in a word, YUM.

I know new(est) recruit reads here and I am sending her much love and wellness wishes. To respect her privacy I won't go further, but suffice to say she's going through some stuff and my ♥ is with her.

Take very gentle care.

*click on bottle for deets.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

January First Twenty Eleven

Just about an hour in (CST) and so far 2011 feels a lot like 2010. No, I didn't expect BIG changes overnight, or even little ones. But, there has been news that will render twenty eleven different in some way, in many ways. Different better? Worse? Remains to be seen. In either case minutes will pass and adjustments will be made.
It is what it is and what we make it.
Does it amaze you that you can hear a song you haven't heard in 15, 20, years and recall every nuance, every word? No? I suppose it isn't amazing but isn't it interesting of what things remain deep in our bones?
. . . and you can tell everybody, this is your song.
I spent much of the last day of the year with those near and dear to me and I heard from others; it warmed me gently sweet. I hope everyone had a pleasant end to 2010 and enjoys a peaceful beginning 2011.