Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Some of Our Neighbors:

The task of breaking down cardboard cartons is herculean. The difficultly level ranking right up there with the likes of brain surgery. From the intricacies of slicing reinforced tape to the precision needed to massage creases to fold in on themselves, the entire operation is a daunting challenge.

Daunting, yet many of your neighbors met the challenge with an eye toward tidiness and compacting limited trash space and learned how to intricately and precisely break down cardboard cartons.

In the spirit of neighborly acts, those neighbors who have perfected box breaking down techniques are graciously offering workshops for those of you interested in learning the most useful and esteemed skill. The workshops will be held in the lobby for the next three Saturdays.
Bring your own boxes, blades will be supplied.

You may choose not to participate in the workshops and that is fine, however, be advised that disposing of your shoe, gift, furniture, appliance, and other assorted cartons un-broken down is seen by your fellow neighbors as rude and unseemly.

So please, take advantage of the workshops, or locate a self-help book or video--whatever method you choose to learn, please do--learn and utilize your skills. Over time, with practice, you'll one day be able to count yourself among the exclusive and elite, box break down club.

You can do it. We know that you can.


The Other Neighbors


  1. LOL - my garage is full of boxes sitting around that I am too lazy to break down.

    About once every six months I get out there with a box cutter and do them all at once and put them out ;)

  2. Those are the same people who take up two seats on public transportation. Grr...

  3. Thank Goddess we have a huge blue trash can on wheels to throw our boxes & papers in, or bottles in every other week!

  4. a most excellent idea.


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