Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A meeting site that I visit on occasion asks, among many things, "six things you can't do without" as part of the fleshing out of one's profile. As you might guess the responses vary as widely as the respondents. Some folks are literal. Some are surreal. Some have only one or two things, some exceed six by six or more.But, whether a respondent is smart or smart-alecky, the responses say a bit about the respondent. This post however, is not about the art or science of reading any sort of meaning into the responses to some getting to know you Q and A. This post is about the randomness of a day (or days) and things that make you go . . .

One respondent answered her number five as follows: 5.TALKING

At first glance, I saw Stalking. Thinking what I thought I read, I thought maybe someone with a sense of whimsy and I read further. But, when my brain caught up to my eyes the interest level diminished drastically. Or maybe it was number six: cigarettes.

My older brother called me yesterday. When mom warned that my number had been offered (actually, she asked if she could give it to him, I knew instinctively, she already had) my immediate thought was, "what do you say to someone you've barely spoken thirty words to in as many years?" Turns out, not that much. We spoke a bit about our younger brother and his impending release. But mostly we skipped around the maypole a few dozen times before wishing one another well. My anger and resentment toward him has long since dissipated and while we probably won't ever be friends or confidantes, we can and will be cordial, at least.

My younger brother is a whole other bag of beans and I don't even want to think about the day when he's back among us.

Have you ever had an injury to your elbow that resulted in swelling and scarring? Ouch!

The minimum goal of 10,000 steps was not achieved today, only got to 8,990. Yesterday, however nearly 13,000 and Sunday was light, but Saturday, nearly 15,000. The 15,000 though was due, in part, to my addle-daddle brain forgetting my wallet and having to make 2 trips to pick up my reserved RedBox dvds.

Momma Nature don't give a damn what the calendar says. She'll make it Spring when she's good a ready. Hi-ever, if anyone has any pull with her Highness, whisper in her ear. We need warmth. We need blooms. We need the color of life up 'round these parts.

Back to the meeting site: Recently I was sent a "match" and the first line of her profile read (I'm paraphrasing) I want a white feminine woman. In fact, she said it more than once. Since I'm clearly 1. not white and 2. well, not the F word--not in the way she likely meant. I decided to message her. It was fun.

Someone I see nearly every day (not my son or daughter) reads here and at first I found it . . . weird. But then, good. (It's possible others I see often read here, but they haven't mentioned and we are not simpatico) Still, I worried, "well, you read my thoughts, whatever would we have to talk about?" In the famous utterance of Kmae, "HA!" no worries, there's a'plenty. Said someone is very dear to me and she's having a rather rough go of it these days and I want her to know, I know. I care. If you want, if you need, call.



  1. "HA!"? Not - "Fuck, shit, piss"?

  2. I love this post! The randomness is utter perfection. It's nice to know that someone else's brain works this way, too. :-)

  3. Honestly, I would sort of freak out if someone from my workplace found my blog.

    Probably since I bad mouth my secretary so much....


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