Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome To Wednesday*: Summer Edition

1. Well it is an unofficial summer edition. We've gone from Winter to Summer in the last two days and no, I'm not complaining. I have up the idea of having a Spring weeks ago. I'm just making an observation. And those folks bitching about the cold, now bitching about the heat? Well, they just like bitching. I do wish they'd take it somewhere else.

2. Do you know how much energy it takes to resist scratching 'till you bleed tearing your skin off? Not just physical energy, but you're robbed of your mental focus as well. It is a wonder I've been able to finish anything at all. The worst is over now (I'm soooo hoping) but for awhile there it was all I could do to keep from tearing my skin off.

3. The itching and just feeling blah put a bit of a pall over "Mom's" day which sucked double since I cooked for and hosted my mom. The food turned out good (the kids thought it was great) but mom didn't seem to enjoy the menu of tilapia, mixed greens (& turkey tails) and mac n cheese. And of course due to the itching, medication, and more I wasn't my most patient but scintillating self. Maybe it was my mood spilling over everything. Still, it wasn't so bad.

4. Do I have to say (again and out freakin' loud) how annoyed I am at motorists who run red lights, roll through stop signs, and fail to come to a complete stop before navigating a right turn on red while I'm trying to cross the freakin STREET!!! ?! OH. EM. Gee!! Makes me want to S*C*R*E*A*M for realz, yo!

5. What do you think possesses a person (you know it isn't just the guys and not just kids) to choose to wear britches that slide down and off their asses? Though, I must admit the symphony of movement, the peg leg walk, the constant hitching up said britches is quite the sight. I think we need an anthropological study. I would have thought the fad would have faded long, long ago.

6. Speaking of possession, what possesses a person to lounge on the bus with their feet on the seat next to them, reading their K*ndle (or whatever)? Do you think they are screaming for a confrontation? The little diva just doesn't know how close she came.

7. So, so happy it is bike riding weather (today's thunderstorm not-with-standing). Now, I just need to get closer to 100% itch free to really enjoy. By the weekend, fingers and toes crossed.

8. Major doings going on at work, though not at liberty to discuss and while exciting am also nervous. Major doings going on with the actor. He has gigs strung nearly back-to-back through next Spring (at least). Major doings going on with the daughter, finishing her schooling, extern- ship, and prepping for graduation and full-time job hunting.

9. Not sure if I mentioned before, but I've been cutting my own hair for some time now. Somewhere deep in the archived comments someone suggested I do it myself, "it couldn't be that hard." I hesitated taking up the clippers, remembering the butchering I'd done to my son's head many, many years ago. But, several tries later I'm beginning to get the hang of it. It isn't a professional grade cut, but it's doable and rather neat, if I do say so myself.

10. Finally, the next couple of Saturdays seem promising. I was going to link some stuff *here* and *here* but the blasted linky poo thingy ain't working and I'm too tired addled lazy just too done to DO IT the long way. I'll talk about the events when they happen (or before iffin I find myself back here in the meantime).

Peace Out

*Yes, I know it is Thursday, but Blogger was having issues.


  1. Ooo... love that self portrait in the win-der. Hope the work stuff turns out good, good, good. Sounds like your kids are on their way. Very nice, indeed.

    And, you know how I feel about those right-on-red people who don't understand what that really means.

    Hope your scratch-free soon and biking your behaukus off.


  2. argh... you'RE... I hate when I make that typo.

  3. Sorry to hear that you're still suffering with the itching. Must be maddening.

    I wish I had eaten Mo's Day lunch at your place. Our food sucked.

  4. Whoa you have a lot going on! Best wishes for only the best of things to happen for you and yours.

  5. I posted a comment here but it is gone. Hmmm. What the f? Anywho... love the photo.

  6. And I saw your (previous) comment here. What the f? Indeed. Thanks.

    Yes Syd, it is maddening! Sorry about the sucky food.


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