Wednesday, May 08, 2013

That's Alright

Just some randomness because I pulling it all together to write, like for real? Not all there, yet. But, "That's Alright". 

1. The story out of Cleveland  makes me ill. And sad. And mad. And then, ill again. 

2. A cousin sends me text messages from time to time. Not, "hey, how are you? or thinking about you." But, "God" notes, blessings prayers and the like. I'm not a believer and while her sister knows, I haven't made my non-believing status common knowledge among the rest of the clan. It's okay though, I appreciate her taking the time to, in her own way, say, "hey". 

3. There was a fire in my building a few weeks ago. I wasn't home but the actor was. He called me at work to say he had to evacuate due to the FIRE What? The What?  My mind spun with questions with no immediate answers.  

4. The fire was contained to a single room in a unit two floors away. It turned out okay for us, but some pretty frantic moments for a time. The family from the burned unit (contained to a single room) moved out and hasn't returned except the check mail and the like. New questions, no answers. 

5. That event was the second time there was a fire in a building I lived in. Neither in my apartment. Both due to an upstairs neighbor's carelessness.  

6. Being burned out is second of my worst fears / nightmares. 

7. The first: Drowning.   

8. A couple weeks after my mother died, her younger sister had a stroke. She was released from the hospital after a few days, two in intensive care to continue therapy toward finding her way back to her . . . self. 

9.  The actor is a play. Two, in fact. A rep. The first opens for previews tomorrow. As usual, the stories he relates during the rehearsal process are an entertaining prelude to the productions. I'm excited. 

10. Tar Baby is today's word.  By the time I became acquainted with the word it had taken on the racial overtones noted in the article.  Tar baby was one of the many derisive nicknames I wore as a kid, contributing to me loathing my dark skinned self, feeling ugly and like sister outsider. I've long sense come to terms with my hue, but colorism remains an issue within our communities and the nation at large. For that reason and more I am loving this song. 

Until next time, Peace.


  1. I am glad to see you & very happy that the actor and your home are okay.

    I am sickened by Cleveland too, but I am also heartened by the neighbors who helped when they could have walked away. (Especially since one of them didn't speak English and the other thought it was a domestic violence problem. Thank goodness they were men who were willing to help a woman in trouble.)

    "I'll play my own damn tune, shine like the moon. And very soon I'll play my own damn tune."

  2. So much going on...

  3. Hey. Nice to see you. Nice that you are present enough to write a bullet point list. Good for you. I know it's hard.

    Hang in there...


  4. I am not a believer either but welcome all prayers and blessings as putting positive energy into the universe. And it sounds like you could use all you can get.

    So positive energy coming at you . . .

  5. @ thediarist: Indeed in all that bad there was some good, is good.
    Double yes.

    @ tiff: So. Much.

    @ e: hanging.

    @ 8th day: Thank you for the energy all positive and stuff.

  6. Hi: Just checking in with you. I am too under the gun to concentrate on posting much but wanted to stop in on you, I love this positive song. ..... and by the way, If I may say so, I think your skin color is quite beautiful.

  7. Howdy Madame. Thank you much.


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