Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just To See Her

Remember where I was a year ago? I do, not just because I can go back and read but also because it feels like yesterday. I think because I'm in pretty much the same place, the same pain, the same state, the same . . .
Oh sure, I was taking a leap into a new opportunity and at that moment the idea of it made me feel vital. But a few months later the realization that I was trying to turn a sows ear into a silk purse settled out my body, wearing on me like kudzu.

So, I set out to clear the vines. I had to find a new job. After being sick most of December, I got busy smack dab in the midst of the worst winter ever to look and look and look. And I found one. Now, four months into that opportunity I am feeling a sense of relief. Most of my duties are familiar but there is some new information to digest and skills to acquire.

There has had to be work behind the scenes to shrink expenses, renegotiate the mortgage, get down to small ball, re-think, re-imagine the newest normal. Not all of the pieces are in place, but they are getting there. And she is still my guide.

However, like last year my birthday is not cause for raucous fanfare. I will be at work. The student will be at school. The actor will be engrossed in the next project. And that is okay. Maybe there will be a brunch on Saturday or Sunday.

Otherwise, I work, maintain, endeavor to have home projects, art projects, mind and body PROjects.occupy. Those things and the folly that is the 45 pound pooch and the two (especially the orange one) cats  will keep me rolling along.

 Officially fifty-four.


  1. I'm officially 56 and I am a big fan of NO fanfare.

    1. I don't . . I can't. . yet, can't help NOT thinking about beyond 54.

  2. One step at a time keeps it all moving forward.

  3. Happy Birthday! I do not celebrate my birthday at all but I understand the reflective nature of time moving on. And getting ANY of the pieces in place I would consider a victory.

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  5. Officially fifty-five. Parties are no longer necessary, but I do like a nice dinner out. And, for crying out loud, no gifts! Unless they are gifts of love and affection... those I will gratefully accept.

    I'm glad things are moving into place, however you define that. And, if you choose to redefine along the way, more power to you. It's your journey.
    Pet the orange boy for me. I have a soft spot for orange tabbies. :-)

    1. Indeed, re: the love and affection!

      It's my journey and I'll turn if I want to, turn if I want to TURN if I want to . . ;-)

      Consider orange boy thoroughly petted. :-)


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