Thursday, November 27, 2014

T = together. time. . . .

Daughter has Mexicana radio flowing, soup simmering, grill fired up, sous chef Cinnamon at the ready. Son has stories. It is fun to be on the sidelines, watching, listening, learning, laughing. May your day be spicy or sweet, whatever your heart and soul desires. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I understand there have been some problems with leaving comments.A variety of posts related to comments have been addressed in the help forum. Weeding through, looking for a common thread. If you have any suggestions or insight, please share--in comments or email. Thanks!!

  2. Here's a test comment. See:!category-topic/blogger/0EFbRUgGhBg

    1. Thanks. I saw that and suggested same to one reader. Their response: "I don't think the cookie thing is the problem. I'm using Google Chrome, I even logged in to my Blogger account. And when I write a comment, I hit post and it slides in to oblivion. If they don't have their own products set up to work with Blogger, they have issues. And, I have tried to post comments on other Blogger accounts where I was required to do a CAPTCHA. And the comments still disappear. Which is especially fun after you've gone through CAPTCHAs several times."

  3. Because a reader couldn't comment I am posting her comment with permission.

    'm so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I think all of it sounds wonderful except the Mexicana music. I worked at a Mexican restaurant for quite awhile, in Sedona, and I hear Mexican music and I start looking around for a tray of food to deliver. ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Deborah!
    Thanks earthandink. Right back atcha.


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