Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Scattered Not Gory

The Magic of Christmas 
The above image is one of the few family Christmas photos featuring me and my siblings as children. My older brother is standing next to me and the younger is barely in the frame. That is is elbow. This is a Christmas morning circa 1965 or 1966 with my mom as photographer. It was my intent to post this along with memory lane jog before the 25th of December but I was smacked with a doozie of a head cold that left me horizontal as often as possible. What little present energies were spent getting to (and attending to) work. Even still, I was sent home early one day and called off another. I've already burned some 2017 PTO hours.

Today is the best day of the last ten. The worst is over. Knock wood.

I've forgotten where this was going . . .     oh, nowhere really, except that Scattergories is one of my favorite games. Daughter and I played a couple of rounds between my coughing and sniffling. Some FB friends were passing around a Scattergories with a twist--using the first letter of your last name to answer the questions posed:

P    Animal: Porcupine.
      Girl's Name: Penelope
      Boy's Name: Peter
      Color:  Purple
      Movie: Poseidan Adventure
      Something You Wear: Pants
      Drink: Pink Lady
      Food: Pigeon Peas 
      Item in Bathroom: Pipe
      Place: Portugal
      Reason to be late: Pothole
      Car: Plymouth
      Composer: Puccini
      Author: Patricia Cornwell
      Singer: Paula Cole

I still don't know where this post was going, has gone, it is just . . well, is.    I hope everyone had a please holiday and if you had a break, I hope that too was pleasant.

Happy New Day!

Click image for MORE Monday!** 
**published too late for Monday, but meant for Monday or at least earlier on Tuesday.  Yeah, still kinda scattered, operating at about 86% (generous).


  1. Hope you are back to normal soon! I just love this photograph. It reminds me of how sweet and innocent children are, especially when they are happy. Happy New Year!

    1. I'm getting there. Freezing and below temps not helping, but slowly getting my wind back.

      Thank you. Even with the strife embedded in those days there were some rather carefree times. Precious, those. Happy New Year to you as well. Though, I'm taking it one day at a time. ;-)

  2. So glad you are beginning to recuperate. I have missed you.

    1. Me too glad. Me too (missed me). ;-) I've missed the routine and the community.

  3. I hope you are feeling all the way better now...head colds are the worst because you're like, "I'm not THAT sick" but at the same time you feel like you are DYING. Gorgeous photo, and I like the scattergories game! So much fun.

    1. Not all the way back but feeling much, much better. Thank you. Agreed, exactly what you said re: head colds.

      Thank you re: photo.

      Scattergories is fun. In a recent round I struggled to come up with a tree for "L" and in some post game research discovered Loblolly Pine Trees. Things like that make my ♥ sing. :-)

  4. Love the Christmas morning photo. Gosh, 1965ish... I wonder if I could rustle up a photo from that year. Probably, but not necessarily a holiday snap.

    Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Continue feeling better! Love that you and the daughter are spending time playing. That's fun. Warms my little ol heart.

    1. We didn't have that many. I think there were a handful from that day but I only have this and maybe another--or I've seen another, don't know that I have it.

      I have been trying to mend, keep up the mending spirts and remedies.

      ♥ ♥ ♥


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