Monday, June 26, 2017

Missed Last Monday Week

Poof Went Some Days 

1. I think I take more steps when I forget my pedometer at home. 

2. I could be wrong about number 1. 

3. Was meaning to post the second set of 40 questions and answers. 

4. Second set loaded with favorites.  

5. Favorites not my favorite. 

6. Buttah was such an awesome cat, pet. 

7. I miss him. A lot. 

8. I was looking forward to the new season off Orange Is the New Black  But . . 

9. have not watched one minute of it; opting to catch up on other shows instead. Hmmm

10. Alliums at night 

11. It is time to re-dedicate myself to healthy choices.

12. Seriously 

13. A friend recently had bariatric sleeve surgery. 

14. She felt like she had no other options. 

15. I am not at that place. 

16. But I am at A place. 

17. Confidence reigns. 

18.  In other newes, I've been giving a lot of thought to what a "typical" American is 

19. I've gotten nowhere with said thought. 

20. So, this: 


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Finger Snap: Middle of June

Glimpse of downtown from an elevated train.

Beyond the pickets, our neighbor's prairie: gone. 

Another neighbor's picturesque yard design

Don't let the sun go down on me

Leaves up close and personal 

A sliver of sun brightens a block 

Our pride of color 

Muted color; a surprise bloom

Shocked to wake on a Sunday to see a sofa on a curb. 

Go Hawkeyes! 

Greens and lavenders, a pleasing combo 

Blooms too heavy for their stalks 
And in other news, my younger brother called me on Sunday to say, among other things, that he was sorry for stealing my car 40 years ago. I'm still processing he weight of the confession and contrition. While not quite the other shoe dropping it is something.

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