Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jackie's Back!

Hooray! and Yahoo!
Can't believe I missed the premier episode of tee vee girlfriend's show, Work Out . I have an excellent excuse. A couple, actually. I'm sure I would be excused due to being on the phone wooing and cooing with actual girlfriend and then listening to daughter recount her boyfriend troubles into the wee winky hours of the morning. One must have priorities and proper perspective.
Thank goodness, though, that there are re-runs and hippy hippy hooray, marathon showings. Not to mention this wonderful invention called the Internet.
Bravo TV has episodes, blogs and all manner of fodder to feed an addict's fan's tank.
If you are looking for me, I'll be working out with Jackie.


  1. I love this show! I can't believe I didn't know it was back on! Thanks for the info... heading to the website now. ;)

  2. We have it on the tivo for tonight. Oh that bod. Sigh. Thanks for the reminder.

    But real girlfriends are better. :)

  3. OMG! Did you see the previews for this season???
    I don't want to ruin the surprise if you haven't... Let me know.

  4. Trust me amaya..I'm all over it!

  5. man- - i didn't know it was back on -- we LOVE this show! ;) Thanks for the info!
    And don't spoil the surprise... i have heard NOTHING about this season.

  6. She has some nice abs!

  7. I may have to watch her... er, her show.

  8. Love the show!
    Can NOT believe Jackie is STILL with that nut job bitch.
    That's just insane.

    She's oh so cool & strong,
    but not strong/smart enough to dump that addiction.

    Good grief!

  9. The next episode sure looks like there's some heavy drama ahead. Is Jackie nuts to hook up with Rebecca (that's her name isn't it) or what? I must admit that I drool over Erika. She's gorgeous.

  10. WHY is she still with Mimi, aka Psycho Bitch?!


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