Saturday, November 18, 2023

Two Years


Some years ago a couple of FB friends introduced a game(?).  If you commented on their post indicating you wanted to participate, they give you a year and you post a memory.  

I'm 37 Year 1997: 

What I remember: Upheavals 

In the workplace, CEO of parent company died;  beginning of a period of uncertainty which lasted over two years.  In the home, marriage crawling to an end; having to maintain some semblance of equilibrium, to provide guidance for 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter.  

I'm 27 Year 1987 

What I remember: Kindergarten.  Son and two orientations in two schools due to an unfortunate incident forcing our little family unit's move from one apartment to another.  I counted blessings for having found an apartment within two blocks of the initial orientation school only to find out we were two blocks of that that school's zone. Thus, an orientation at the second school. In addition, toddler turning two during this year.  Beyond these events? 1987 was basically a blur. 

To be honest, the 80s were a blur except for all things child related; feedings, diapers, training, walking, talking, schools, lessons, learning, laughing, crying, and being.  



Monday, September 04, 2023

September ? ! ? !

 Do you remember
The 21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away*

My son mentioned in conversation the other day, "we're coming up on my favorite months...the 'ber months; September, October, November, December!" He went on to say why, though I already knew.   I love how my son speaks to me as though I didn't give birth to him and lived with him for at least half of his life.  Admittedly, he's formed some insights and outlooks since being out on his own for many years now, but, still, . . I know he's a lover of autumn and (early) winter. 

Otherwise in the intervening weeks since last I visited here, a paternal aunt died, a maternal aunt became seriously ill (recovering), I snipped a bit of my hair--not a lot, just a couple of inches--amazing what a difference it makes. It's a mindset.  I also told a fib. A (casual and equally remote) co-worker asked oh so matter-of-factly, if I had a FB account. I replied, in kind, 'No'. (a fib) I wasn't up for the back-and-forth about how I don't invite any co-workers to any social media space, how I need a bit of separation, how I have very few FB friends that I haven't met F2F or haven't known virtually for many years now (or both).  

Fact is, my social media (FB anyway) days are feeling quite numbered.  I quit the last art group a few days ago. The mission of the group shifted and with that, two of the three admins opted out. Several other members quit and after a bit of navigation, I just wasn't feeling the vibe of the new scene.  I dropped out.  

I did put in an application with another sketching group with a mission more aligned (per their introduction) with my own.  I'm waiting to hear. 

But, I think I have, just this very moment decided that, while I won't likely leave the platform altogether, my engagement will be much, much less, likely toward an eventual departure.  Granted a some friends are still there are are engaging in some way. We'll see.  Still, if the art group chooses me, I may pass.  

Whether I'm in a FB group or no, I will keep sketching. I will keep sharing somewhere, here or IG. (or both). 

Oh, and I lost 100 lbs.  Well, I lost and found the same 10 pounds ten times.  Same thing.  ::smile:: 

Enjoy what is left of your summer.  

I hope you're welcoming fall with open arms and warm hearts.  

*September songwriters: Allee Willis, Al Mckay, and Maurice White  recorded by Earth, Wind, and Fire, released 11/18/1978



Tuesday, June 20, 2023

And Just Like That (Again)


An entire season gone and no posts.  


That certainly was not the plan, but here we are.  

And to be frank, this isn't a post inasmuch as it is a, "hey, I'm still here" notice.  

So, I'm here.  

Still sketching (though, there too, lapses. Oy) 

Still haven't cut my hair though I do think it is thinning some. Que sera sera.  

Still working the 9 to 5 (remotely--thank goodness!!!) 

Still trying to . . . (oh, so much).  

Until next time (before the end of the season, is the plan) be kind, be present, and 

take extremely gentle care.  

This world.  


Saturday, April 01, 2023

Fiction (from a prompt)


She is cold.  

There is a barely there light filtering through the window. 

The cold and the sliver of light are enough to awaken Nina's body.  

Her mind is slow to follow; too busy manifesting a way to get warm and perhaps 
lure her body back to sleep is all the mind can handle.     

Somewhere between asleep and the opposite; Nina heard a noise.  And then, the familiar aroma of a most decadent pleasure wafted throughout the space. The excitement, the growing expectation, the taste was nearly dancing her tongue.  

Nina's mind and body are now fully engaged for soon she knew the door would creak open and Adrienne would sidle close to the bed, gently set down the tray with the steaming cups . . . 

After everything that happened last night, Nina had to have that cup of coffee this morning. 

She is warm now.  

**meant to publish on the 29th the birthday of my blog in honor of my pal, Nina.  Happy belated birthday to Middle Girls and to Nina.   




Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Ten Years

ten years ago last saturday my mom drew her last breath.  the moment is forever (at least so far) etched in my memory, forever written on my aura.  


i try not to dwell on the pain of the loss, endeavoring to churn energies toward the joy of the being. 

the existence, her existence in my life, the fact of my life.  

if not for her, i wouldn't be here.  i wouldn't be who i am. 

i won't sugar-coat and wax all philosophic about our lives together.  

it wasn't all good. in fact, much was not so good. 

still, she made the best, gave the most, and cheered like no other has or likely will.  

love. adore. cherish.  may the smiles fuel all the tomorrows.  

love, me. 

Friday, January 20, 2023

Two for Twenty-three

Some days ago my phone died.   

No warning.  No precursor. No forward.  

Just, one second on and the next, blank. 

            Frustration ensued.  

A new phone was acquired in relatively short order thanks to insurance.  The new device is mostly set-up.  Familiar and regular virtual destinations are more-or-less re-established.  


One place has been resistant to let me back in.  I stressed about it the first day.  Stressed less the second day.  And now, moving in on the third... 

             I may resign myself to being away.  

             I'll give it a few more days.  

I hate to just disappear without a word to the communities I frequented.  But I may not have any choice. Maybe the universe is navigating a change for me, my time and energies.  

We'll see what happens in a few days.  

Happy January.  


Sunday, January 01, 2023

And Just Like That

The holiday season is officially (or unofficially, depending on who you ask) over. 

There were precious few viewings of holiday movies (no "Love, Actually" though I did try--once I couldn't, the thrill *such as it was* for most anything was squashed). 

There was a marked avoidance of all holiday specials and except for promos, no holiday music.  

There were no Christmas cookie baking as we are not big Christmas cookie bakers / eaters.  

For all that wasn't there was much talking, laughing, eating, and acknowledging how grateful we are to have our health and miles and miles of good cheer.