Friday, November 26, 2021

Soon Ah Very Soon

A blast from the past. 

Once upon a time, responding to the one and done, the threes of me, and other types of memes what's your favorite this or that, what's the last television show you watched, if you were forced to eat the last thing you eat from now on, what would that be..etc., was the order of the day, these things were  are a popular method to build traffic for a web pages.  

All over social media now, there are admonishments and warnings about participating in such folly especially when you don't know the source for this is how hackers are able to cull information about the responders toward . . . well, hacking them, co-opting their identity to do...whatever.    

So, I do no longer participate.  

Fact is, my participation on social media (FB and IG) is pretty minimal these days.  There is a small group of former bloggers who are still on FB and a smattering of family members with whom I interact but otherwise I stick to the art groups where we share and support.  

My IG presence is nearly a 100% art sharing space as far as my input with few exceptions; like when I shared the news of Pete's death.  

Yes, our elder statesman Pete died earlier this year.  I wasn't in a place to share that here until now as this space, of the other internet spaces I occupy on-line are intensely personal despite it not being a private space.  He was my first pet as an adult and my very first cat (ever).  I miss him everyday and have found it difficult to navigate the space his absence has created.  

I'm sharing that as a way to say yes, the time has come for looking back and looking ahead.  

Soon, very soon, 2022 will be a reality. Many are marking their resolves for the coming year.  Many are adjusting or creating habits and the such. Many are looking to change lanes and switch courses.    

I am among the many.  

What that all will look like in the reality of the coming months is yet to be seen.  

Perhaps more conversation in tis regard is forthcoming in the coming weeks.  

It is nearly December; warm and toasty mittens, hot cocoa, cozy evenings.  

I hope you all have had a pleasant and peaceful holiday--whatever you call it, how you identify it, celebrate it.  Or even if you don't (didn't) I hope your Thursday was full of hope, peace, love, and comfort. 

May Peace Be With You.  

Monday, November 15, 2021



In August of 2016 I participated in a "getting to know you" meme: The Threes of Me 

And for the sake of getting something out of my uninspired brain and some ON the books for November before it is no longer November, I thought I'd revisit the THREES now. 

Three Names I Go By:  Not much has changed here: still 1.  Deborah 2.Ma 3. Miss Debbie (although the third variation may appear as Miss Deb or just Deb.)   I am also an aunt and a cousin so, I may go by auntie or cuz.  

Three Jobs I have Had in My Life: I add to the previous list: camp counselor, writer, (unpaid) and artist.   

Three Places I have Lived: All I said then, and Chicago Ave., Taylor Ave, and 18th Street.  

Three Favorite Drinks: (I have no idea what I was thinking then? hahaha) those were good but favorites? Hmm... today: turmeric/ginger tea, water, and toss up: coffee or tequila--I guess it depends on the day and / or who is making the coffee.     Seriously, I don't drink hard liquor much at all anymore but when I do drink, I lean toward tequila or whiskey.      

Three TV Shows I Watch in real time: 2 of the three from then I no longer on the air, so to replace those two: 911 and Supermarket Sweep and to add: Blue Bloods.   

Three TV Shows I Watch On-Demand: then, yes still true though I haven't seen either of those in quite a while.  Now: FBI   CSI: Las Vegas and $100,000 Pyramid, and Succession. Truth: 95% of my screen watching is "on demand" or streamed.  

Three Place I Have Been: yes, of course those and: Milwaukee, WI  Memphis, TN and Greenwood, MS 

Three People who email/(communicate with me on social media) regularly:  I don't even remember who Addie is/was? daughter, a very good friend/blog buddy, one of my many cousins.  

Three of my Favorite Restaurants: my daughter's skills, the pandemic, and economics have kept me out of restaurants for the most part these past few years.  I did have Nando's on my birthday and it was enjoyable.  

Three Sets of things I Hate: Those from then all pretty good and valid hateful sets.  However, full disclosure I began to embrace beets more over the last few years, mostly in the form of juice. Not horrible.  I am still not moved to try fresh or pickled beets.  

Three of my favorite cars (that I've owned):  I can't think of any other car that I've owned to add to the list from then.  I was hard pressed to come up with the list then.  I am pretty sure that my criteria had to do with the reliability of the cars listed.   

I am not that "IN" to cars.  I do not own one and haven't owned one in at least a dozen years.  That said,  I have considered procuring one at some point--expense and other factors keep that thought at bay.  

In other news, I've spoken to 4 relatives via the telephone in recent days.  That may not seem newsworthy but it most certainly is.  The conversations have thrown me into a fit of nostalgia which I will allow may have as much to do with the impending winter holidays.  


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Time Is On Our Side! ?

 My daughter will celebrate another birthday tomorrow. As is often the case with impending birthdays or other celebratory events, we've spent some time leading in reminiscing. I found myself being pulled back to my twenties, her twenties, and to some degree, my mother's twenties which I don't remember at all since my mother was only 20 when she gave birth to me. 

I guess twenties kept coming up as being...pivotal. 


Mine certainly were. But then so were other decades in my six.  I find myself thinking about what this current decade will bring; what I shall manifest, how I might want or need to pivot to adjust to changes that have and will continue to occur as is the natural order of things.  

Time will tell.  

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?"  ~Satchel Paige  


Friday, September 17, 2021

Almost Gone (the month, the year, aaarrgh)

The title of this post has changed more frequently than my hair... well, to be fair, my hair hasn't changed all that much in recent weeks.  Yes, I'm still growing it (or allowing it to grow) and do what it does.  Every few days I take it down and twist it back up.  Since I'm going going anywhere I don't concern myself with styling it.  I just want the braids to be relatively neat and tidy. 

I am reminded though why it is I cut the hair off and kept it off oh those many years ago. 

Styling.  What.  A. Pain.  

However, less so since I will (whenever I do "fix" it to meet people) no longer concern myself with hot combs, curlers, and tools of that ilk.  I imagine one day my fingers won't be nimble enough to braid but that day isn't today.  

Let's catch up: My daughter is working at what must be her 400th nursing / assisted care facility since the beginning of the pandemic.  I exaggerate of course, but jeez louise, she changes jobs...a lot.   On the plus, she seems to "win" at interviewing.  Hopefully this place will be the right sauce. At least until 12/31/21.  I feel like me having said anything at all has jinxed it...Fingers crossed, it didn't. 

My son's industry is creeping back to life.  Auditions have begun but instead of going into a casting office; actors are asked to email a self-tape.  So, actors are having to learn how to record the auditions "sides" and send that in to the casting agent / director.  There are guidelines toward producing a good or acceptable tape as well as well as an industry / service toward actors finding scene partners. According to my son, a lot of his peers are struggling with this pivot.  

The actor (he is now officially, "the creative" ) is writing, expanding his music performance tool kit and making ends meet by busking around the city. He was even able to snare a few bona-fide music gigs over this past year.   Oh, and teaching.  He led a MasterClass for first and second year theater students at is alma mater recently.  There are two or three more sessions planned over the coming semester.  He came away with mixed reviews after the first session.  He liked the students but was unimpressed with the professor. (One of HIS former professors--awkward) LOL 

Anyhoo...we're all just plodding along, putting one foot in front of the other, keeping our distance, wearing our masks, and staying safe.  

PS: I no longer care WHO hosts "Jeopardy"!  (Not that I ever really did, but now...ugh--way to ruin it people!  Way. To. Go.)

Take very gentle care, gentle people.    

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Faux Greek


Thanks to my daughter's interest in culinary arts and her working to build a career as a cook / chef / kitchen manager, I don't do a lot of cooking anymore.  I never was much of a cook. Sure, I learned a thing or two from my mom and grand-mom, could certainly follow a recipe, and was able to do a bit of improvising to come up with a "special" dish. 

One such dish was a take on chicken cacciatore.  

My take was basically seared chicken thighs with onions, garlic, and canned tomato sauce that I spiced with hot or barbeque sauce. It was spooned over rice. Nothing fancy but the kids loved it. And because it was easy and fast (my two "what's for dinner?" rules) it appeared often.  

Over the years I was able to create "faux" takes on a number of fancier fare. They weren't the real deal but were tasty enough to pass muster and please the target audience. I was also able to learn how to prepare and perfect (for my family) cultural staples; macaroni and cheese, cornbread stuffing, greens, and candied yams over the years.  

Still, I considered myself a so-so cook.  

Some weeks ago my daughter brought home some of what she'd prepared at the nursing home.  She described the dish as, "a kind of Greek" chicken which is from here on out shall be dubbed, Faux Greek Chicken.      

My daughter is a much better cook than I am; much better than I ever was, better than I will ever be.

Mostly because she loves it (I never did) and because she has patience and is excited to learn more. 

I do, however, enjoy tasting her creations and will occasionally serve as her sous. 

It is all good.  




Sunday, July 11, 2021

Turn Around and it's July



Do you how many songs have Hello as a title or Hello in the title? There are at least 200 and in the wondering about that question, I wondered about the other; goodbye. While 'goodbye' is also a popular theme, it is not quite as popular as hello (at least not as far as the title is concerned.)  I'm sure there are a LOT of goodbye songs that don't actually say the word. 

Or maybe not.  

Anyway, HELLO!  

I'll be back soon with more to say, but in the meantime allow me to share this . I saw the exhibit on Saturday and was blown away.  Her exhibit as well as being up close and personal to the Obama portraits were certainly worth the trek to downtown Chicago via the trusty transit authority--where due to federal mandate--masks are required.  (Note: no enforcement).  

Interesting times we are having.  

Stay safe folks.  

Sunday, June 06, 2021



We are six days into this new month and I've already lost a day.  All day Thursday I was operating under the premise that is was only Wednesday.  This, in and of itself, wasn't an epic proportion tragedy. It has presented more like an annoyance that the work stuff (tasks I set up to get stuff done in accordance to pre-determined schedules and deadlines) was now off which undoubtedly impact the off-the-clock task list and schedule.  

Otherwise, June has gone as expected; it has been hot, noisy (thanks to Memorial Day fireworks, motorcycles, bikes, four-wheelers, blaring car stereos, and of course, kids playing) and reflective.  

The half-year mark is kind of a natural point of looking back as well as looking forward.  Looking back, goals established at the beginning of the year have not been fully met. Some daily goal benchmarks were met but clearly not consistently or urgently enough as the expected results are missing.  

So, looking forward: Reset.   

The plan, I believe, was a good plan, but I need to be more consistent and approach each day with a bit more urgency toward reaching and achieving.  

Cheers to June.  Here's to the days and weeks ahead.