Monday, August 29, 2016

Bud Out

My relationship with my co-workers is pretty cordial. In fact, the human resources / compliance director commented in my review that I got along with everyone. It isn't difficult as I like most of them. Most are pleasant and cordial in their own right.

Then something . . 

Last week a co-worker sidled up to my workstation with a pretense of making chit-chat about tea. A couple of seconds in, she pass me a note. My ears started burning for I knew this was BS in the making. The note began, "I don't mean to be nosey. . "

Why do folks open with the gambit when that is exactly what they intend?

In her note the co-worker wanted to know if I'd received a raise in conjunction with the recent review and if so, if I was happy with it.

Once  the urge to flash her my, "are you kidding me?" face passed, I replied, as gently and cordially as I could, "I am not comfortable with this topic." Co-worker cobbled up her note and toddled along back to her own workstation

We've worked together for over a year with little more than cordial greetings passing between us. If not for recent circumstances (company lost a large client forcing a couple of lay-offs. Others have resigned due to unhappiness with reassignments forced by lay-offs) I believe we could have gone weeks, months, beyond in a similar fashion.

Recent events notwithstanding, I was still taken aback.

Yet, I will endeavor to maintain my equanimity. I hope she and anyone else she may have shared some version of this event with does the same.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Threes of Me (2016)

A "getting to know you list: in sets of three: 

Three names I go by: 

1. Deborah 
2. Ma 
3. Miss Debbie 

Three jobs I have had in my life: 
1. Medical Biller 
2. Bookkeeper / Office Administrator 
3. Recruiter 

Three places I have lived: 
1. Franklin Blvd.  
2. Parnell Ave
3. Ridgeway Ave

Three Favorite* Drinks (author's note: not necessarily in this order.): 
1. Banana Basil Milkshake
2. Pineapple, Blueberry, Banana Smoothie

3. Martini (vodka w/habanero stuffed olives) 

Three TV shows that I watch (in real time) : 
1. Scandal
2. How To Get Away With Murder 
3. American Ninja Warrior 

Three TV shows that I watch (OnDemand)  : 

1, Rosemary and Thyme 
2. A Chef's Life
3. Black-ish

Three Places I have Been: 
1. Las Vegas, NV 
2. Dyer, IN  
3. Houston, TX  

Three people who e-mail/FB me regularly: 
2. Addie 
3. Rose

Three of my favorite* restaurants: 
1.Nando's Peri Peri 
2. Kinderhook Tap  
3. Melting Pot 

Three sets of 3 things I hate: 
1. criminal acts, injustice, speeders 
2. beets, black eye peas, okra 
3. losing things, wasteful acts, inadequate coverage of women's sports 

Three of my favorite cars (that I've owned): 
1. Toyota Camry
2. Dodge Lancer
3. Oldsmobile Delta 88 

Three favorite* websites: 
1. Elixher 
2. Mail Me Some Art 
3. Longreads

*I am not a fan of favorite anything;.using the term under duress and / or for the sake of efficiency.

Tell me 3 things about you (from the above list or random). 

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Monday, August 08, 2016

It's Official!

My "little girl" as my mother would say, is leaving. 
After deciding on culinary arts as a career, a year of school, 
and a nother couple of years of trying on a number of hats 
in and around Chicago, 

she has applied for, and has been accepted entry to a 
work / study program that will take her to resorts in Colorado 
and then, Wyoming. 
For the next two years. 

She will report to the Colorado location by November 7th. She will be there five months. 
She will have 30 days before she has to report to the Wyoming location, a moth home
and then back to Colorado.  . 

Except for a brief stint during her teen years 
and small vacations, my daughter has not ever 
been away from home.  

WE are excited (and nervous) in equal measure.
No, more excited than nervous. 
Danielle has prepared for the opportunity 
and is ready for this challenge. She is ready to 
take the wheel and steer the course of her career
and her life.    
I am sad at the prospect of her leaving. I am happy
she is getting to earn while she learns at not one, but two resort properties. 
I am proud that she's developed the confidence to 
take this leap. 
We have three months to drink it all in. 
Congratulations to my only daughter!

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Monday, August 01, 2016

Birthday Weakend

Obviously, mom was a big part of every one of my birthday celebrations until . . . 

And obviously, she is missed. 

After three years it isn't necessarily easier, but it isn't any harder.  
The memory of her enthusiasm and her smile carried me through. 

I am now beyond the half-way mark of the fifties.  
News of a big change was delivered this weekend. .  

It shall remain hard to say goodbye to yesterday. 

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