Monday, September 18, 2017

Where Were Are We?

Recent foggy morning

Two hurricanes ago (so pleased to know folks I know -even virtually- fared okay, so sorry for many other folks did not fare as well) we were talking about my battle with bulge and such.. More talk about that, to be sure. But having had some difficulty framing fully fleshed posts, I offer these snippets:

1. My older brother who lives in Austin, TX is ignoring efforts of outreach from my younger brother and me. He does not want to be bothered. He had a birthday (Happy 59th) on the 6th of this month--which also happened to be the 5th anniversary of our father's death. 

2. I joined an FB based writing group of virtual friends and some former blogging buddies. Four prompts in and I haven't written a word. I'm not sure I'm up for these challenges. I may not stay. It may be too much to ask at this time. 

3.Getting over a cold which hit hard and fast. Never a pleasant way to usher in a new season. 

4. FALL? FALL! IT is nearly (officially) Autumn!! What da duck? 

5. My work has been crazy challenging, frustrating, and . . . exhausting. But, on some level, fun. 

6. Insurance companies are, by and large, horrible. Okay, some insurance companies. 

7. This recent battle with bulge and more has revealed that while I love collecting recipes, looking for and finding, interesting dishes to prepare that will fit within my goals, I feel overwhelmed at the idea of actually preparing any of these dishes. 

8. I don't really (have never, really) like cooking. Though, the process intrigues me.  

9. Yet, I've been told I'm a pretty good cook. Go figure. 

10. Still, I did manage to take some known ingredients in different, healthy, delicious directions.     

11. I'm not having a fireworks celebration or anything, but I did manage to get the scale needle to move in the other (correct) direction over the past couple of weeks. 

12. The real measure of success though, for me, shall be the too tight slacks being noticeably less tight. 

13. My brothers, dad, and aunt (A turning 80 this month) had me thinking, of course, out loud and in living color, about my mother. The  FB "On This Day" feature reminded me of something I posted in 2012 about a conversation she and I had. I may have written about it here, I didn't check because frankly, I was stunned by the memory. 

14. Everything from 2012, leading to February 2013 kicked up for me in recent weeks. 

15. All that said, and sickness aside, this old body managed to average 9,886 over the last seven days--topping off at 12,008 one of those days. 

Have yourself a pleasant Monday / week.

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Monday, September 04, 2017

Put Me In Coach

Sometime over the last few days, I ran across a piece of paper dated January 10, 2012. This paper is peppered with notes from a webinar I must have watched.   

Among the notes scribbled written very neatly on this piece of paper was: Set SMART Goals "SMART" being an acronym for: 

 Specific Meaningful Achievable Rewarding Time based 

And Drop 'All or Nothing' Thinking  AND Make IT Fun 

Game On.