Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Apropros of Nothing

1. I've been away but I have been here

2. The first couple of weeks after the move to the new place, my daughter was obsessed with getting/having a sofa. While that obsession has quelled we don't have a sofa yet.

3. I may be the only person who detests, "no problem" (or worse, np) as a response to, "thank you."

4. Also, I do not like cabinet doors left in an open position.

5. One of the things I love about the apartment is that it is awash with light. I haven't decided on plants yet but there must be some.

6. This space celebrated another anniversary about a week or so ago. The party was small, quiet.

7. March 29, 2006, my, my, my what a world of changes we have seen since then.

8. Speaking of changes, some weeks ago I was given the green light to work from home. And last Thursday was my first day at home, at work!

9. Two major UPs time saved traveling and no 'bus people' interaction.

10. One drawback is without the 4 to an fro bus stop/destination walks per day maintaining my steps and MOTION goals have been a challenge.  Well, more of a challenge.

11. All things considered, I will take that challenger over daily interactions with bus people.

12. Though, I suspect I will miss the bus people.

13. Albeit, not for some time.

14. What's gone on in your corner of the world?